Lucy Brogden Wikipedia, Bio, Maiden Name, Leicester, Age

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Lucy Brogden Wikipedia, Biography, Maiden name, Leicester, Age

Lucy Brogden Wikipedia, Bio, Maiden Name, Leicester, Age – In her keynote address to the audience during the launch webinar on Mental Health Peer Connection of eXpress Risk Education, Brogden highlighted that “the culture of eating has a strategy for breakfast”.

Lucy Brogden Wikipedia, Biography, Maiden name, Leicester, AgeLucy Brogden Wikipedia, Biography, Maiden name, Leicester, Age

What kinds of actions are we rewarding? What must we endure? What do we close our eyes for? These things speak volumes about the culture of (a workplace),” she said.

According to mental health expert Lucy Brogden AM, culture precedes adaptability

It is estimated that absenteeism and absenteeism related to occupational mental illness costs Australian employers between $13 billion and $17 billion annually.

“The workplace offers a great potential to protect people’s health and fight disease. What we do know is that it can be quite costly for the workplace if we don’t get it right,” Brogden added.

“I recognize the importance of resilience for both our first responders and those reporting for work with no idea what they will encounter every day. And you need an action plan for it. But if our companies, which do more professional service-type operations, are looking at resilience training, what do I really want them to consider in their organization? they’re asking employees to be resilient. Brogden said.

“Because we often ask them to fix something wrong at work. Instead of trying to equip people with the tools they need to deal with an unfair situation, I want them to address structural and cultural concerns.

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“Through this new Mental Health Peer Connecting platform, you can think about ways that you can support each other in identifying cultural factors that may need to be discussed in the context of support each other and create a more positive environment,” added Brogden.

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“It is disheartening to know that companies in 2020 continue to fail to recognize their legal obligation to create a psychologically safe workplace. However, maintaining a level of understanding, awareness and understanding of our compliance requirements has been a struggle for us.

She continued: “We need to make the workplace a place where individuals feel comfortable being themselves. According to Brogden, creating work that is meaningful, psychologically and physically safe, and inspiring requires consideration of the cognitive, psychosocial, and physical components of a role.

By giving them a place to discuss and collaborate on workplace issues, seek expert advice, sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge with practice and research. In the most recent study, icare’s Mental Health Peer Connection assists Mental Health First Aid Aides in creating emotional support. healthy workplace.

According to Sharon Johnson, Customer Education Lead, Agent Engagement at icare, for Mental Health First Aid Rescuers to know they are not alone, it is important that they have a support structure in place.

In addition to providing support to each Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Peer Connection aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to contribute to creating mentally healthy workplaces now and in the future.

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