“Love at First Kiss” Is Set To Released On Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming Spanish romance Love at First Embrace, one of this month’s most anticipated titles, will premiere on the platform this Friday, March 3, at 3 a.m. ET. The plot of Love at First Embrace, directed by Alauda Ruiz de Aza and penned by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, tells the story of a boy who is looking for love and finds it in unlikely locations. best.

The romantic comedy is directed by Antonio Asensio and Paloma Molina under the banner of Zeta Productions, the music is written by Ivan Palomares, and the photographer is Sergi Gallardo. Furthermore, the 96-minute film stars lvaro Cervantes as Javier in the main season.

The main character in the Netflix series Love at First Embrace has the ability to see the future.

Javier (Cerbantes), a talented and unique protagonist, has the ability to see the future, but only after kissing a woman. He can predict the outcome of any love engagement with just one smile. But power comes at a heavy cost, making it difficult for him to maintain a relationship, making it necessary for him to end it before potentially breaking up to avoid heartbreak. The fact that Javier found himself when he was just 16 years old became a matter of time, making it nearly impossible for him to find love and eventually settle down with a significant other.

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Love from the first kiss

As he caresses Luca (Silvia Alonso), he envisions a future with her in which they are happily married and have children. But there’s a problem: Luca is the fiancée of Roberto’s childhood best friend.

According to Wikipedia, the official description of the upcoming romance film is as follows:

“Watch the story of a 16-year-old who discovers that when he caresses a woman for the first time, he can see the whole future of a love relationship.”

The original Love at First Embrace teaser begins with a teenage Javier discovering his special talent.

The video for Love at First Embrace begins with sixteen-year-old Javier playing a game of Truth or Dare with his friends, where he caresses a woman for the first time and finds his strength. He has used his ability to foresee the future and protect himself from possible sadness and pain since then. However, due to the talent that makes him abandon a companion even in the case of the slightest problem, he has become aloof and annoyed with everyone around him over the years.

Love from the first kiss

Although Javier uses his talent to avoid heartbreak, relying entirely on it to steer him on the right path and the right mate, he encounters tragedy with his childhood friend and fiancé. wife Lucia. In the upcoming film, lvaro Cervantes plays Javier and Silvia Alonso plays Lucia. The surviving members of the group are:

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