Locked Yahoo Account- What Does It Mean And How To Get It Fixed?

Yahoo account is locked

No one intentionally wants to have their Yahoo account locked out. Yahoo doesn’t want to lock your email account either, but there’s a way. Do you know why? Maybe No, that’s why you’re here, reading this.

If you have recently been locked out of your yahoo mail account, there could be a number of reasons for it. In this guide, I will talk about all the causes of a locked account plus how to fix it. Furthermore, I will write down some important tips that will help you avoid such situation in the future.

Why is my Yahoo account locked?

Most email services including Yahoo have guidelines and preset guidelines to ensure fair use of their products and services. Furthermore, it is for ‘security’ (https://safety.yahoo.com/Security/SECURITY_RESOURCES.html) the user’s account has all the sensitive details. I have listed the most common reasons why a Yahoo account is locked:

  • Send a large number of emails that exceed the specified limit.
  • Use your Yahoo account from multiple locations in a short amount of time.
  • Multiple attempts to gain unauthorized access to the account.
  • The email recipient has marked it as spam.
  • Suspicious events are taking place on your account.
  • Incorrect POP and IMAP settings
  • Enter the wrong password multiple times.
  • Unauthorized access to third-party applications or software

Not only these but anything that disrupts your privacy or violates Yahoo’s policies, they will lock your account.

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Once your account is locked, you won’t be able to regain access or send emails to that account until Yahoo approves your entry.

How to unlock Yahoo account?

Now, if you are facing a locked Yahoo account, you don’t need to feel sad. There is a way out. It’s pretty easy to unlock a yahoo account but your chances of success depend on the situation you’re in.

Here are some common situations Yahoo users encounter along with methods to get out of them.

Case-1 Automatic account recovery

If too many failed login attempts have locked your Yahoo account, the good news is that this may only be temporary. In most cases, it usually automatically unlocks after 12 hours. Well, this is not a big deal, so Yahoo is not strict at all. Once your account is locked, you should avoid making any further login attempts and wait for the 12-hour period to end.

Some other reasons why Yahoo temporarily locked your account:

  • There is a risk to your password.
  • Login attempts were made from different locations at a time.
  • The IP address is frequently changed or hidden.

Case-2 Unlock your account manually

Method- 1 Use another Server

Yahoo has multiple servers around the world, so you can try logging in with a different server. The new server will provide you with new cookies, allowing you to sign in to your Yahoo account.

Here are the servers you can use:

  1. https://login.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=in – India
  2. http://uk.mail.yahoo.com/ – United Kingdom
  3. https://login.yahoo.com/config/login – USA
  4. https://login.yahoo.com/config/login – Canada

Method-2 Using the Yahoo Login Helper

  1. Visit the Yahoo Sign in Help page.
  2. Enter the information you have from the available options, such as a Yahoo mail address, phone number, or recovery email address.
  3. Whatever information you have entered, you will receive a code for that information.
  4. Enter the code and follow the on-screen instructions to regain access to your locked Yahoo account.
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Some additional tips to unlock Yahoo account

All of the above methods can be applied to

  1. Completely remove POP and IMAP settings from the email service.
  2. Try using a different browser to access Yahoo mail.
  3. Withdraw access from all third-party applications or software.
  4. Clear all browser cache and history and try accessing your Yahoo account again.


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