Legendary Viral Meme Icon Dog ‘Cheems’ dies of cancer at 12

A somber wave of emotions has swept through the online community as news of Cheems dog’s passing emerged. The iconic Shiba Inu, recognized for its endearing derpy grin and trademark tongue-out expression that sparked countless memes, bid farewell at the age of 12 on August 18, 2023. The heart-wrenching revelation disclosed that Cheems bravely battled pancreatic cancer before succumbing during a surgical procedure.

Cheems was no ordinary canine; he was an internet sensation. His distinctive look made him an adored figure across the digital landscape. The deluge of memes featuring his endearing visage took social media platforms by storm, firmly establishing Cheems as a meme dog beloved by generations.

Cheems Dog dies on 18 Aug 2023Cheems Dog dies on 18 Aug 2023 (Image via Insta/balltze)

Balltze, often referred to by the endearing nickname “Ball Ball,” was the Shiba Inu behind the famous “Cheems” doge memes. His perpetually goofy yet knowing smile captured hearts worldwide and cemented his status as an internet legend. On August 18, at the age of 12, he lost his battle with cancer, as announced by his owner, Kathy, to his numerous followers on Instagram.

Kathy shared a poignant message, recounting that Balltze’s journey ended peacefully during a thoracentesis surgery. While initial hopes were for further treatment, the timing proved to be too late. Despite the sadness, Kathy urged everyone to cherish the joy Balltze brought into the world, assuring that his mission was fulfilled. She beautifully expressed her belief that he now roams the sky with newfound friends, indulging in delicious food and living his best life.

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In July, Kathy first revealed that Balltze was facing the challenge of cancer, admitting her own struggle to come to terms with the diagnosis. The meme sensation became synonymous with loving “cheemsburgers” and playfully “bonking” people with a baseball bat in various memes. He even launched his own website where fans could purchase merchandise featuring his endearing face, from enamel pins to sweatshirts and tote bags. Balltze’s popularity eventually extended to becoming the face of a cryptocurrency token.

As an enduring tribute to Balltze, Kathy expressed her intent to donate the contributions made for his medical expenses to animal charities. The legacy of Cheems dog continues to live on in the hearts of those who found joy and solace in his iconic presence, a reminder of the indelible impact even the most unconventional internet figures can have on our lives.

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