Lauren Jauregui Has Threatened To Leave Twitter In Response To The New Authentication Rules

Lauren Jauregui, a popular musician, threatened to leave Twitter after the company made changes to its verification criteria. Jauregui criticized Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, and threatened to leave the site if they tried to charge her for a green tick. She posted a screenshot of a Twitter message with the caption:

“I just received this message when I opened Twitter…@elonmusk.” How is this accepted? As we have actual occupations based on our verification, as individuals claiming to be me are on this site daily. I have verified this for 11 years and need to take two steps.”

In a follow-up tweet, she said that if asked to pay for the blue tick, she would leave the site. In response to the new amendment, which she called “unsafe,” she said:

“For my account not to be hacked. Why would I start paying for something I’ve had for 11 years, especially when it’s such a useful tool for my job? This is dangerous, @Twitter. And if this is true, then I’m giving up on Twitter for all this pay-for clue nonsense.”

Lauren Jauregui

Others agreed with the I’m in Love with a Monster singer, saying that Twitter’s new policy makes no sense.

What exactly is Twitter’s new policy? Additional information is being provided as Lauren Jauregui expresses safety concerns.

Lauren Jauregui, who has more than 4 million followers on Twitter, recently expressed her displeasure with the microblogging platform’s latest policy change. Her criticism comes after Twitter announced that users will lose account security unless they pay $8 per month for Twitter Blue.

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Lauren Jauregui

Under the policy change, non-Twitter Blue users will no longer be able to use two-factor authentication using text messages to keep their accounts secure. Lauren Jauregui is not the only celebrity to criticize the new CEO of Twitter and the site for being “greedy,” as Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane and Camila Cabello have all spoken out against the new policy change. However, many fans seem to agree with the singer, saying they also think the new policy is unfair. Some have criticized the move, arguing that Twitter is sacrificing security for profit:

I received this message this morning when I also went to Twitter. Basically, Twitter is saying that they are invading our security and privacy unless we pay for it. Comical.

– Lexi (@LexiHernnandez) February 18, 2023

I saw the same thing when I opened it yesterday. It’s completely absurd.

– Eric Racy (@EricJRacy) February 18, 2023

At this point, neither Elon Musk nor any other official Twitter spokesperson has responded to the outrage.

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