Kirk Herbstreit Health Update: Is He Diagnosed With Blood Clots?

Kirk Herbstreit the famed ESPN college football analyst, recently revealed a disturbing health discovery. The 53-year-old analyst acknowledges that being diagnosed with blood clots in both his lungs and ankles in April 2023 has had a major influence on his attitude toward personal health.

Kirk Herbstreit has long been a recognizable figure on ESPN, thanks to his unmistakable love for college football. However, he made news in April for reasons other than athletics. Kirk’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with blood clots in both his lungs and ankles. This revelation not only surprised fans, but it also highlighted the unpredictability of health issues.

Kirk Herbstreit’s Medical Problems

Kirk’s health experience was recently covered in “The Los Angeles Times” in a thorough feature. Kirk first mistook his symptoms for a calf strain but soon encountered rising discomfort in his chest, coupled with shortness of breath. While the particular nature of his ailment was unclear at first, more examinations revealed the existence of blood clots. Interestingly, the sight of fluid in Zak Herbstreit’s lungs raised first worries of pneumonia, but the echocardiography findings revealed otherwise.

Kirk Herbstreit

Supporting Heart Screening

Kirk’s increased enthusiasm for heart testing, especially among sports, has been a silver lining in this harrowing event. Recognizing the significance of heat-related illnesses and the critical necessity of early identification, Kirk spoke with Ohio State football coach Ryan Day. Their debates focused on the need of further cardiac exams for sportsmen. Kirk hopes that his tale will spark a push toward thorough health screenings for athletes.

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Kirk Herbstreit’s Son Hospitalization

Kirk was dealing with his own health issues when his son, Zak Herbstreit, was admitted to the hospital. Zak, an Ohio State tight end, was admitted to the hospital with an unidentified ailment. Although specifics are few, Zak’s health has been stabilized. Kirk praises his family’s constant support throughout these trying times, claiming that it has brought them closer together.

Kirk Herbstreit


Kirk Herbstreit’s recent battle with blood clots in his lungs and ankles is a sobering reminder of the unpredictability of health. His story not only emphasizes the significance of routine health screenings but also pushes for specialist cardiac testing, especially among sports. As the narrative progresses, it encourages everyone to be health-conscious, stressing early identification and quick care.

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