Kickstart Your Aviation Career: Here’s How to Get Your First Pilot Job

You can get a newly earned commercial pilot license, but it can be difficult to get your first pilot job. Employers will often ask for experience, even during times of pilot shortages.

This is a difficult situation when you need to do your first job to gain experience as a pilot.

We’ve covered some helpful tips that will help you land your first pilot job.

Have a look.

Get your flight instructor certificate

There are many different paths you can take after learning to fly.

But the most common low-paid pilot job is a flight instructor. You may have already completed your trade certification and don’t want to learn more. At best you might not be interested in flight training.

But the truth is that you have the best chance of landing a beginner position as a flight instructor. Future employers will see flight instructor experience as a positive addition to a pilot’s resume.

Furthermore, you will achieve your current and future success by becoming a flight instructor.

Continuation of flight training

Pack as many ratings and endorsements as possible. Fly as many types of planes as possible. You will bring more value to potential employers by doing more work. Being associated with major flight training schools such as Asia Pacific flight training is always an advantage.

You can also ask your pilot friends to confirm.

Job market research

It’s important to research where the job is and what employers are looking for. You should not limit yourself to the area you live in.

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This will limit your chances of finding the right employer and reduce your chances. It will be easier to land a job if you have a clear idea of ​​what additional qualifications and experience you require.

Keep the network

Companies prefer to hire pilots who have been referred by current employees. This person is less likely to be rejected. Many jobs can be found through word of mouth without being advertised to the general public.

Join the aviation community. You can find volunteer opportunities and aviation organizations. You can meet pilot managers and pilots, as well as other aviation professionals. Stay in touch with your flight instructor.

They are working hard to advance in their careers and have been on top of their game.

Discover your flying skills

Most pilots start their careers at major airlines and have many responsibilities.

However, many small businesses are good options for beginner pilots. They appreciate you more if your skills go beyond flying an airplane.

You can improve your non-technical skills such as customer service, bookkeeping and office administration. Larger employers may need assistance with safety and regulatory management.

If you have policy implementation and technical writing skills, you may be more valuable to larger employers.

Create a resume that speaks for you

Your resume should be professional and well-written. Your attention to detail and the work you put on the job application will determine how well you are judged.

Cover letters allow you to share information not included in your resume. It will also let the employer know what additional qualities you can bring.

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Know Your Employer

Employers will be more interested in you as a candidate if there is genuine interest on your part in the job. Employers want to see that you’re not only applying, but really looking forward to working with them long-term.

You should be prepared to tailor your answers to the requirements of the employer and the job.

Last word

Finding a job is very difficult nowadays. It’s even more difficult if you want a job in a problematic stream – as a pilot, for example.

Take cues from this article and make sure you get what you deserve!

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