Kelly Johana Suarez’s Arrest: What Did She Do? Is She In Jail? Case And Charges Details

Kelly Johana Suarez Jail: After being accused of human trafficking of kids, pimping, and pandering. More information may be found here. Kelly Johana Suarez is a Colombian model and former beauty queen. In addition, she competed in the Miss Cartagena pageant.

She gained media attention after competing in a beauty competition and even appeared in the song video La Luz.Furthermore, after her participation in the beauty contest, Suarez joined the modeling field, immediately achieving considerable acclaim for her confidence and attractiveness. Aside from that, Kelly has been generating headlines on the internet since her arrest, and many are curious about her present status.

Is Kelly Johana Suarez Arrested? Update on the Case

Kelly Johana Suarez is reported to be in prison after being caught in 2014 for allegedly participating in a juvenile prostitution network targeting international sex tourists. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) coordinated an operation with Colombia’s Navy and Coast Guard to arrest Kelly and four others during a party attended by 25 kids, among others, on the Caribbean Islas de Rosario islands in Colombia.

Kelly Johana Suarez

Three more people were arrested in Armenia, and four more were apprehended in Medelln, for their participation. It’s been a long time since Kelly’s arrest, and many are curious about her present situation. As of yet, no facts about her case have been released, and there is no word about her release. As a result, it is possible that Suarez is in prison.

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Details on Kelly Johana Suarez’s Arrest and Charges

Kelly Johana Suarez was arrested in 2014, as previously stated. She was 22 years old at the time. Suarez was detained along with 11 other people. The operation took place in three Colombian cities: Cartagena, Medellin, and Armenia. Furthermore, Suarez was at a beach party in the Caribbean Islas de Rosario islands, where around 25 minors were present. It was then revealed that they were reportedly brought there to be sold to tourists, with some being drugged with amphetamine and cocaine. Kelly was also discovered attempting to pitch an 11-year-old child on having an intimate connection with someone else. She was charged with human trafficking of kids, pimping, and pandering after her arrest.

Kelly Johana Suarez Whereabouts

Kelly Johana Suarez was arrested, and she may now be in jail. Suarez allegedly would recruit children via her modeling agency only to force them to attend parties in order to form connections with others. Kelly was detained and sent to the San Diego women’s jail in the Bolvar department. Aside from that, there have been no additional developments.

Kelly Johana Suarez

As a result, Kelly may face jail time for her actions. Aside from that, her case has resurfaced as a result of the premiere of a new action drama, Sound of Freedom. It is based on the extraordinary real story of Tim Ballard, a federal agent who leaves his job after saving a little kid from human trafficking. A lady called Giselle appears in the film, and the part seems to be modeled on Kelly Johana Suárez.

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