Julia Silva- All About The Wife Of Marcos Acuna

Julia Silva is the stunning wife of Argentine-born professional footballer Marcos Acuna, who plays as a left-back for Sevilla and the Argentina national team.

Quick Facts

Full Name Julia Silva
First Name Julia
Last Name Silva
Profession Celebrity Wife
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Marcos Acuna
No Of Children 3
Married Date June 2017

Acuna’s professional career so far

Acuna, who was born in Zapala, Argentina, began his athletic career with Don Bosco, his local club. He quickly outstood and was invited to different clubs in Buenos Aires. When he was 17, he tried out for numerous teams before being signed by Ferro Carril Oeste, where he spent a few seasons in the club’s reserve squad before moving to Primera B Nacional.

He subsequently transferred to Primera in 2014 and made his international debut for Argentina in 2016. Marcos said that making the national squad and playing for the country is every footballer’s desire and that winning a trophy for the country makes you proud. He signed a four-year deal with Sevilla in September 2020. In February 2021, he extended his contract until 2025. Acuna values the club’s efforts and the importance they put on him, and he welcomes the contract extension. He said they are battling for everything in which they are engaged and want to be rewarded with trophies.

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Mother of three lovely children

Silva and Acuna have been traveling through life together for a decade. They had been dating for five years before getting married in June 2017. Silva has three lovely children: two girls, Morita and Martina, and a boy, Benjamin. Martina, her youngest daughter, was born in 2021. In January, her son Benjamin turned six, and Morita became eight in April.

Julia Silva

She often writes a passionate notes for her hubby.

Silva is really proud of her guy Acuna for what he has accomplished today since she has been on the trip with him, accompanying him and watching how hard he has worked to get to where he is now. Silva often posts passionate tributes to her spouse on Instagram. In one of the postings, she said that she never gets tired of telling him how pleased she is and referred to him as a warrior, a wonderful partner, and someone who helps others without saying “no” or “but.” He’s still the same person she met 10 years ago: quiet, silent, diligent, and a soccer fanatic.

She expressed her gratitude for having accompanied him for so long and been able to see what he has accomplished. In one of the postings, she reflected on their terrible years in 2018 and expressed her hope that no one else has to go through what they did. The rage directed towards a soccer player included an actual threat to the family, implying that she felt unsafe even at home and was afraid to leave her children at school. It was the worst week of her life, she said since she had a psychological breakdown and chest trouble. At the moment, all she wanted to do was leave the nation and return to her original land with her children. She claimed that she backed Marcos with profound grief in her heart when he opted not to cancel his contract.

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She was terrified, wondering what if all of her fears came true again. Julia is relieved that the situation has changed today. She also raved over her partner, noting that the degree of cynicism he manages is astounding and that no one can alter him.

Julia Silva

She felt her husband was odd when he replaced the background with a picture of him and Messi

Following the 2021 Copa America triumph, her husband changed the backdrop photo from one of their children to one of him and Messi. She verified it on Twitter, posting the photo and stating that her husband removed the photo of his children from his phone’s backdrop to replace it with the photo of him and Lionel Messi’s great celebration together. Along with the photo, she added, “It’s wrong, but not that bad.”

Net Worth

Her net worth is still being calculated. Her husband’s net worth is now believed to be approximately $5 million as of August 2023.

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