Joseph Hacker son death: Wells Rhodes passes away in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California – The world of acting and the city of Los Angeles are in mourning as they bid farewell to Wells Hacker, a talented actor known professionally as Wells Rhodes. Wells Hacker, a 30-year-old White/Caucasian male, tragically passed away on Sunday, September 17, 2023, while residing in a sober living facility in Los Angeles.

Wells Hacker, born and raised in Santa Monica, was a shining star in the world of acting. He honed his craft and passion for the dramatic arts at the University of Southern California, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. His focus on acting as his area of study set the stage for a promising career.

As a member of a renowned acting family, Wells was destined for greatness. His parents, Joseph Hacker and Maurine Louise Saari, played pivotal roles in the world of entertainment. Joseph Hacker, a seasoned actor with a list of notable works, including “Knots Landing” (1979), “The Winds of War” (1983), and “Remington Steele” (1982), was born on September 2, 1944, in Shaker Heights, Ohio. In 1988, he married Maurine Louise Saari, and together they raised their two children.

Wells Hacker’s untimely passing occurred around 4:40 pm in the afternoon at the sober living facility where he was residing. His legacy in the world of theater and acting includes memorable roles in productions such as “The Kentucky Cycle,” written by acclaimed playwright Robert Schenkkan and directed by Stephanie Shroyer. In this production, he portrayed the character Michael Rowen. Wells also showcased his talent in the adaptation of Chekhov’s “Wild Honey,” written by Michael Frayne, where he brought the character Platonov to life.

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Sober living houses, like the one Wells was residing in, play a crucial role in assisting individuals on their journey to sobriety. These peer-managed residences provide a supportive environment where residents commit to maintaining sobriety, actively participate in rehabilitation groups, and share household responsibilities. People who live in these houses rent rooms on an indefinite basis and continue to work or attend school while adhering to their sobriety commitments.

The passing of Wells Hacker, known professionally as Wells Rhodes, leaves a void in the world of acting and the hearts of his family, friends, and the Los Angeles community. As they mourn his loss, they remember the talent, passion, and dedication that defined his life.

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