Jordie Cannon, Dr. Herb’s natural food store manager, dies in an awful car accident in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina – In a heartbreaking turn of events, Caldwell County school teacher and Store Manager at Dr. Herb’s Natural Food Store, Jordie Cannon lost his life due to injuries sustained in a tragic car accident in North Carolina on Thursday, September 21. The news has left family, friends, and the community in deep sorrow, mourning the loss of a beloved individual.

Ivey Cannon shared Jordie Cannon’s death news,

“It’s with great sadness that I let you all know that my son Jordie Cannon passed away this afternoon. Please pray for us all.”

Casey Cannon shared Jordie Cannon's death newsCasey Cannon shared Jordie Cannon’s death news (Source: IG/cannonfamily)

Dr. Herb’s Natural Food Store shared grief on Jordie Cannon’s death and wrote,

“All of us at Dr. Herb’s Natural Food Store send our heartfelt sympathy and love to our Store Manager, Julia, for the loss of her Son-in-Law, Jordie Cannon. Jordie passed away on Thursday, September 21 as a result of injuries from a car accident. Please join us in praying for Julia, her daughter, Casey, and the children, Salem and Jasper! Please also keep Jordie’s father, mother, and family in your prayers! Thank you for your love and support for all of them at this difficult time!”

Jordie Cannon, survived by his wife, Casey Cannon, and two children, leaves behind a grieving family. He is survived by his children, Salem and Jasper. The family is in need of support during this challenging time, and a savings account has been set up at the State Employees Credit Union to help alleviate the financial burden brought on by this tragic situation.

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Whitney Keever Winkler shared details of the savings account and how individuals can contribute to support the Cannon family. Additionally, Venmo details were provided for those unable to visit a bank branch. He says,

“As many of you know Jordie Cannon was in an awful car accident and is fighting for his life.A savings account has been made for the Cannon family to help with the financial burden this awful situation is going to bring. The account is at State Employees Credit Union. If you go to the Lenoir or Granite Falls branches, all you have to do is say “I would like to put money in Casey Cannons savings account”. All of the tellers are aware and will get the money into her account.If you or someone you know needs to go to another branch, please reach out to me and I will help to get the money into the right account.I have also attached a photo of Casey’s Venmo for those that can’t make it into the bank.Please continue to PRAY for Jordie🙏🏼 Casey, Salem, Jasper and all of Jordie’s family “

The cause of the accident that led to Jordie Cannon’s passing is currently under investigation. The Caldwell County school, along with family and friends, is devastated by this tragic loss. The family has requested privacy as they grapple with the immense grief and loss.

Jordie Cannon’s accident resulted in severe injuries, and despite the efforts of medical professionals to stabilize him, the severity of the trauma proved insurmountable. Jordie fought bravely, but the injuries were too grave, ultimately leading to his passing.

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The community is united in sending condolences to the Caldwell County school, Jordie’s family, and friends. In this time of profound loss, thoughts and prayers are with them, hoping they find strength and solace to endure the pain caused by this tragic accident.

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