Joe Perry Age: How Old Is He? Iconic Guitarist Career and Achievements

Have you ever wondered “How old is Joe Perry?” Joe Perry the legendary guitarist of Aerosmith, was born on September 10, 1950, making him 73. His journey from Lawrence, Massachusetts to rock legend is simply amazing. Joe Perry noted for his electrifying performances, is not only Aerosmith’s main guitarist but also a key member of Hollywood Vampires. Interestingly, he and Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler have something in common: they were both diagnosed with ADHD as adults.

Joe Perry’s Childhood and Education

Joseph Anthony Pereira, better known as Joe Perry, was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Perry struggled with not just academics but also untreated ADHD symptoms throughout his time at Hopedale Junior Senior High School. It was here that he met Steven Tyler, which led to the formation of Aerosmith in 1970.

Joe Perry

Joe Perry’s Professional Career and Achievements

Professionally adopting the name “Joe Perry,” he co-founded Aerosmith, which grabbed the music world by storm. Perry demonstrated his adaptability by winning a ranking championship at the age of 47, second only to Ray Reardon’s feat at the age of 50. Aside from his achievements with Aerosmith, Perry’s songwriting talent can be seen in songs like “Man of Peace.”

Joe Perry’s Age and Personal Information

To answer the question, “How old is Joe Perry?” he is 73 years old, is 5’11” tall, and weighs roughly 70 kg. He lives with Billie Paulette Montgomery, with whom he has two children and is a proud grandpa, away from the theater.

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Special Occasions in Joe Perry’s Life

Slash surprised Joe on his 50th birthday with a wonderful present. Perry made a name for himself in 2023 by competing in the World Snooker Championship. Furthermore, his involvement with Hollywood Vampires, particularly with individuals such as Johnny Depp, displays another aspect of his lively existence.

Joe Perry

The Legacy of Joe Perry and His Recent Activities

From his earth-shattering concert in New York City’s Webster Hall to commemorating half a century in rock’n’roll, the maestro’s effect is obvious. Joe recently recalled Aerosmith’s formation at Nipmuc Regional High School and hinted at an impending tour.


Joe Perry’s quest to become a rock phenomenon began in 1950 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. At the age of 73, he continues to inspire, reminding us why the world often wonders, “How old is Joe Perry?”

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