Jimbo Fisher: Who Is He Married To? Marriage And Relationship

Jimbo Fisher the legendary Texas A&M coach, recently made news with a startling revelation: he’s remarried. Fisher revealed to reporters in an open interview that he married Courtney Harrison in a small wedding in February 2023. Notably, their wedding was a small occasion attended just by the couple and a clergyman, a move prompted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic fears.

Jimbo Fisher’s Previous Relationship

Before getting into Jimbo Fisher’s present marital status, it’s important to remember his prior marriage to Candi Fisher, which lasted a whopping 23 years. Jimbo and Candi Fisher’s marriage produced two children, Ethan and Trey Fisher. Trey, in particular, built a name for himself as a high school quarterback in Tallahassee, attracting the interest of his father’s old university, Florida State.

Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher’s Second Marriage

Jimbo Fisher’s quest for love did not stop with his first marriage. He met Courtney Harrison when he was coaching at Florida State. Courtney, a former college cheerleader and successful event director, won Jimbo. Their love journey reached a turning point in 2021 when they were engaged, and soon after that, they married.

Candi Fisher is Jimbo Fisher’s ex-wife.

Candi Fisher is critical in Jimbo Fisher’s life. She had been his companion for nearly two decades, and they had a family together. While their marriage ended, the closeness they had and the family they built left an unforgettable imprint on Jimbo Fisher’s journey.

Jimbo Fisher


To summarize, Jimbo Fisher is a multidimensional personality in college football. His life has been full of ups and downs as a successful coach, dedicated father to Ethan and Trey, and now a loving husband to Courtney Harrison. His marriage to Courtney marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with joy and optimism. If you’re interested in Jimbo Fisher’s personal life and coaching profession, I recommend doing further study online. Numerous articles and interviews give further information on this complicated and gifted individual’s life.

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