Jesse Lingard Opened Up About His Difficult Upbringing

Jesse Lingard, full name Jesse Ellis Lingard, is a professional footballer who plays as an offensive midfielder or winger for Manchester United and the England national team. He is originally from Warrington, United Kingdom. His parents are Kirsty (mother) and Roy George (father). The athlete practices Christianity and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jesse Lingard
First Name Jesse
Last Name Lingard
Profession Football Player
Nationality English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth City Warrington
Birth Country United Kingdom
Father Name Roy George
Mother Name Kirsty Lingard
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation straight
Horoscope Sagittarius
Marital Status Single
Relation With Jena Frumes, Rebecca Halliday
No Of Children 1
Networth 8000000
Siblings Louie Scott, Jasper Lingard, and Daisy Lingard
Religion Christian
Height 175 cm
Networth $8 M
Date of Birth December 15,1992
Age 29 years

Jesse revealed his parents’ difficulties.

Jesse’s parents, Kirsty and Roy, divorced soon after he was born. Despite their split, as a son, he kept strong relations with both of them. Later in an interview, he revealed that his mother suffers from severe depression. He addressed how it bothered him on and off the field. Because of the hardships his mother was going through, Jesse was content to sit back and watch sports at the stadium. He even revealed a childhood memory in which Kirsty said that she was sad.

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She used to lie in bed in the dark, curtains drawn, but little Jesse had no concept of what the phrase meant. And he’d just be going around, playing, and keeping himself occupied, Jesse continued. However, after disclosing their difficulties at United, a slew of physicians rushed to their aid.

Jesse Lingard

Was it difficult for Jesse to care for his younger siblings once his mother got ill?

His mother, as we all know, was struggling to owe to her sickness. Jesse took over as leader of the family at the moment, taking on all of the obligations of his siblings, Jasper and Daisy. His younger sibling is said to be living with him in his space. The athlete had even attended the parents’ evening at the time.


He said that his father and elder brother Louie have also supported him, but he also stated that some of the events have crushed his heart. He didn’t completely explain things out, but he did drop some clues. Jesse has recovered from his ordeals and is now back to his former self.

Jesse has been dating the sexiest beauty Jena Frumes

Jesse dated the sexiest Instagram model for nearly 15 months. On social media, the woman had 3.7 million followers. Jesse was on a professional tour in the United States when the two met. The previous couple had gone on several dates, trips, and so forth.

It has been said that their split was caused by Jesse residing in Manchester and Jena living in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the model traveled to Jesse’s birthday party in 2017. Following the separation, she wrote a remark noting that she tried but enjoyed the journey as well. She later updated it with, “She adored him, but the timing didn’t work out.”

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Jesse Lingard

Jesse had a child with one of his ex-girlfriends.

Jesse does, in fact, have a one-year-old daughter. Jesse and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Halliday have a kid. The woman is an operations manager. On a night out, the former couple met. She became pregnant soon after. They communicate even if they are not parents together. Every weekend, she brings her baby child to Jesse. Rebecca, on the one hand, expressed how the baby girl is an important part of her life, while Jesse, on the other hand, wants to be with the baby girl every step of the way and teach her the proper route.

Net Worth

As of December 2022, Jesse Lingard’s net worth is predicted to be $8 million.

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