Jennifer Lynn Lalonde Wikipedia, Bio, Diplomate, Biography, Linkedin

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Jennifer Lynn Lalonde Wikipedia, Biology, Diplomat, Biography, Linkedin

Jennifer Lynn Lalonde Wikipedia, Bio, Diplomate, Biography, Linkedin – In retaliation for Ottawa’s announcement that it would return a Chinese diplomat accused of trying to coerce a Canadian MP to criticize Beijing, China for learned on Tuesday that it was deporting the Canadian consulate in Shanghai.

Jennifer Lynn Lalonde Wikipedia, Biology, Diplomat, Biography, LinkedinJennifer Lynn Lalonde Wikipedia, Biology, Diplomat, Biography, Linkedin

In English, a statement posted online, Beijing’s Foreign Ministry described Jennifer Lynn Lalonde as “persona non grata,” adding, “China reserves the right to further respond.”

Regarding Ottawa’s decision to expel a Chinese diplomat from Toronto, the statement said: “China strongly condemns and resolutely opposes this and has sent serious rallies and strong protests against it.” strongly to Canada.”

It continued, “China decided to declare Jennifer Lynn Lalonde, consul of the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, unwelcome persona as a reciprocal countermeasure in response to the immoral move. Canadian virtue.”

China “reserves the right to take additional action.” Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its embassy in Beijing and its consulate in Shanghai did not respond to AFP’s requests for comment.

Beijing’s action follows Melanie Joly’s announcement that Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei, currently based in Toronto, will have to leave the country.

She stated that Canada will “not tolerate any form of foreign interference in our internal affairs”.

Foreign ambassadors to Canada “have been warned that if they engage in this type of behavior, they will be sent back home,” she said, adding that “we are resolute in our determination to protect the economy.” our democracy is the most important thing.” After years of deteriorating relations, the expulsion sparked a new diplomatic row between the two countries.

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They come after a protest led by Canadian lawmaker Michael Chong over claims that China’s intelligence agency intends to prosecute him and his relatives in Hong Kong for supporting a resolution calling Beijing’s actions in the Xinjiang region were “genocide” in February 2021.

According to a Canadian Security Intelligence Agency memo, this is “almost certainly intended to set an example for this congressman and to prevent others from assuming anti-PRC (People’s Republic of China) views. ), the Globe and Mail newspaper reported last week.

Following recent findings that Beijing tried to influence Canada’s 2019 and 2021 elections, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come under increasing pressure to take a tough stance on Beijing. His detractors have continued to accuse him of not responding to outside interference following the most recent charges.

Since Canada’s arrest of a senior Huawei executive in 2018 and the detention of two Canadian citizens by China in retaliation, relations between Beijing and Ottawa have been strained.

All three have since been released, but Beijing has persistently criticized Ottawa for supporting Washington’s approach to China, while Canadian officials regularly accuse China of meddling.

Beijing criticized Canada on Friday for what it called “baseless slander and defamation” after the Chinese ambassador was summoned last week in response to the most recent statements of interference. The case, according to China’s foreign ministry, was “blown up by some Canadian politicians and media”.

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