Jen Stein- All About The Wife Of Famous Comedian Mike Birbiglia

Jen Stein, real name Jennifer Hope Stein, is the famous wife of stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia. Jen is a poet, writer, and creative director. Trisha Brooke Stein and Jason Stein are her two siblings. She is of Caucasian ancestry and hails from New York.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jen Stein
First Name Jen
Last Name Stein
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City New York
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Mike Birbiglia
No Of Children 1
Sibilings Trisha Brooke Stein, and Jason Stein
Height 162 cm
Weight 61 kg
Net worth $1.2 M
Date of Birth 1980
Married Date 2007

Marriage life

In 2007, Jen married Mike Birbiglia. He is 44 years old and was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, in the United States. He is a well-known stand-up comedian, as well as an actor, producer, director, and writer. He has contributed to various comedy CDs and has appeared in several television specials. He has received several honors for his writing, and his book “Sleepwalk with me and other brutally real tales” was a New York Times bestseller. “Thank God for Jokes,” “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” and other stand-up specials are among his numerous. His well-known film work includes “Going the Distance,” “Sleepwalk with Me,” “Don’t Think Twice,” and many more.

Mike has also been on a few television series. His work, whether in film, television or stand-up comedy, has always been lauded. Jen and Mike had known each other before they chose to marry in 2007. They most likely know each other at work since they work in the same sector. Jen has always been a helpful spouse, according to Mike.

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He attributed all of his success to his wife, Jen, and said that Jen has helped him become who he is now, as well as restore his focus on his objectives. In their interviews, they both cheerfully discuss their struggles and successes, including their parenting difficulties. In 2015, they had their first child, a girl called Oona Birbiglia.

Jen Stein

Mike was opposed to having a kid.

Mike and Jen have been married for almost a decade and have found comfort in one other’s arms. They are madly in love with each other. Mike, on the other hand, was not prepared to be a father. He previously joked about being childless while doing stand-up comedy. In his Broadway performance “The New One,” he even cited seven reasons not to have a kid.

Later, he admitted that it was all his fear of not being a good father. His wife Jen, on the other hand, believes that they are both prepared for the challenges of fatherhood; Mike simply isn’t aware of it. Later, Mike became a little selfish, saying that he loves his wife and knows he will spend the rest of his life with her and that Jen will be a terrific mother. So, if Jen wants to have a child, he will back her decision. They decided to have a child, and Jen gave birth to their gorgeous daughter Oona in 2015. Mike discusses his doubts about fatherhood in his new book, “The New One: Painfully True Stories from a Reluctant Dad.” He claims that this book is a letter to his five-year-old daughter.

Mike has a sleeping condition.

Mike suffers from REM sleep behavior disorder. He was critically hurt when he ran out of a second-story window of a hotel in Washington. Mike used to sleep in another room in a sleeping bag and lock the door and chain lock inside so he couldn’t get out after their daughter was born since they thought Mike should sleep in a separate bedroom owing to his sleep issue.

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Jen’s concern that the relationship might fail

Jen felt estranged from her husband after they had a baby since Mike used to sleep in another room owing to a sleep condition and was out all day for movies and work. Mike said that he was always certain of their connection since he was taught as a youngster that marriage was eternal. He was well aware that he was not going anywhere.

Jen Stein

Jen’s parents split when she was a youngster, and because of that, she was concerned that this was a moment when something bad may happen if things went this way. This couple has been through a lot, yet they still cling to each other and never give up. Their love becomes stronger, and they live very happy life.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $1.2 million as of August 2023. She works as a producer and creative consultant, and her poems and poetry works have appeared in prestigious journals. Her profits come from a variety of projects in which she is engaged. Her spouse not only makes people laugh, but he also earns a lot of money. Mike’s net worth in 2021 is $5 million. Aside from making people laugh with his humor, he also works as an actor, director, producer, and writer.

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