Jefferson Quist obituary: Abigail Quist’s husband passes away in McMinnville

McMinnville, Oregon – The community is joining Abigail Quist, founder of ARQ, in grieving the profound loss of her cherished spouse, Jefferson Quist. Jefferson, a prominent immigration and criminal defense lawyer who had taken on the role of Arq’s CFO, passed away on August 5, 2023, in McMinnville, Oregon. He was 40 years old at the time of his passing and is survived by his wife and their three children.

The news of Jefferson Quist’s passing was shared on Instagram by shoparq on September 19, 2023. The circumstances surrounding the cause of his death remain private, as his family has chosen not to disclose this information at this time. However, their grief and loss are palpable, and the community’s thoughts and prayers are with them during this profoundly difficult time.

ARQ co-founder Abigail Quist released a statement regarding the passing of her beloved husband, Jefferson Quist:

“Hello dear friends of ARQ. Our family has experienced an unimaginable tragedy recently. For this and many other smaller but significant reasons, I have decided to scale ARQ way back and wind it down before taking a pause. I have had to say heartbreaking goodbyes this past few months, including to many beloved members of the ARQ family who I could no longer keep on and who will be dearly missed.”

Jefferson Jernigan Quist, born in Oklahoma City, spent most of his formative years in Texas alongside his six siblings. His upbringing was marked by a spirit of exploration, a love for baseball, and a deep appreciation for art and music as he matured.

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It was in Utah that Jefferson crossed paths with his future wife, Abigail. Their journey together led to the founding of a family, academic pursuits in English literature and law, and ultimately settling in McMinnville, Oregon. Jefferson initially practiced law before becoming an integral part of his wife’s growing company, ARQ.

Music remained a constant in his life, resonating throughout his home. Jefferson was an avid collector of records and engaged in musical collaborations with close friends, composing and recording songs that touched the hearts of many.

In the extensive circle of his family, among friends, and his in-laws, Jefferson stood out as a remarkable individual. Those who had the privilege of knowing him regarded him as inquisitive, compassionate, and exceptionally clever. His kindness had a ripple effect, inspiring others to be kind, and his quick wit, a trait he exhibited from a young age, continued to captivate, even in the face of life’s challenges and setbacks. Jefferson Quist’s memory will forever remain in the hearts of those who were touched by his warmth and extraordinary spirit.

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