Janardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, Wife

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Janardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, Wife

Janardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, Wife – Sima Taparia, a matchmaker located in Mumbai, can often be observed working like a master chess player across Indian Matchmaking. Sima has developed a comprehensive plan to aid each Indian and Indian American single who seeks her assistance discover deserving, lifetime relationships by using their bio data and cross-referencing their list of objectives. In spite of the fact that it’s surely a difficult job, we discover that she frequently enlists the help of the universe.

Janardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, WifeJanardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, Wife

In both seasons of the show, Sima seeks the advice of astrologer and face reading Janardhan Dhurve, a fellow Mumbaikar, to determine whether her possible partners have heavenly chemistry. As she takes sure to mention in Season 1, this is a crucial step in the process for her. She claims that if the stars are not in her favor, her efforts are ultimately useless.

Face reading, commonly referred to as physiognomy, is the process of analyzing facial characteristics to determine a person’s personality, future luck, and (in the case of Indian Matchmaking) their suitability for marriage. From India to Greece, various cultures have adopted the technique since antiquity. An astrologer can more fully comprehend a client’s dominant planets in their astrological charts by using face reading, like Dhurve does for Sima’s clients.

In Season 2, Dhurve continues to focus on Aparna’s determination to find love while simultaneously examining the faces of a fresh group of optimistic singles. So how exactly can face reading aid in soulmate search? What’s up with the curse on Akshay’s relationships, more importantly? To get his read, Tudum caught up with Dhurve.

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Janardhan Dhurve Daughter

Janardhan has six daughters and two sons, with Bebika being the sixth of his daughters. Bebika revealed to Salman on the Bigg Boss OTT 2 premiere that her family didn’t name her until she was two years old since they didn’t know what to call her. Her grandma chose the name “Bebika” for her since everyone in the home nicknamed her baby.

Bebika talked with Cyrus about her professional life while they were both inside the Bigg Boss house. She said, “When I returned back after graduating in Dentistry, I was looking out for acting opportunities as well as searching for a job as a dentist. I carried on holding auditions even as I began my career as a doctor. I can still recall having to temporarily put my dentist appointment on hold when I got my first show.

Janardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, WifeJanardhan Dhurve Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Family, Wife

Bhagyalaskhmi, starring Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti, marked Bebika’s television debut. “When Bhagyalakshmi happened, I had set aside my dentist practice, but later I started practicing again and managed both my shoot and practice,” she said to Cyrus.

Bebika was given a jail sentence in the Bigg Boss OTT house, and while there, she opened up about her Bhagyalakshmi days with Manisha. She said, “Everyone treated me badly on the sets when I used to film for the show. In the middle of the shoot, my co-stars would taunt me, and they made sure the director and production manager made fun of me. They physically and mentally abused me, among other things. I reached a breaking point where I had had enough.

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