James Craig Arrest: What Did He Do? Dentist Charges Details

Did James Craig get arrested? Yes, the Aurora dentist was arrested early Sunday morning on a first-degree murder allegation stemming from Angela’s death. Here’s some additional information. James Craig, full name James Toliver Craig, is a dentist who worked at Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, Colorado, United States. He was an expert in orthodontics, emergency dentistry, dental implants, and many other fields.

Craig was also a lecturer at the University of Missouri School of Dentistry in Kansas City. James taught clinical dentistry, biochemistry, and histology at the university level. Furthermore, the Aurora-based dentist has recently been the talk of the town, with his arrest drawing the attention of many.

Is James Craig in jail? Details on His Charges

James Craig has already been apprehended. Craig was charged with homicide on March 19 after allegedly killing his wife, Angela. After being apprehended by patrol police and the Aurora Police Department’s Major Crimes Homicide Unit at 2 a.m., the Aurora-based dentist was jailed on first-degree murder charges. Aurora Division Chief Mark Hildebrand issued a formal statement announcing Craig’s custody and providing case specifics. Craig, on the other hand, was close to everyone, and his marriage was going well. His current arrest, however, has startled the Aurora community, since James had worked as a dentist in the city for almost a decade. James’ patients said he was always courteous and professional.

James Craig

Aurora Dentist James Craig is suspected of murdering his wife Angela.

James Craig is facing a murder charge after police discovered evidence that he poisoned his wife, Angela. Around 8:45 p.m. James transported Angela to the hospital on Wednesday because she was experiencing terrible headaches and dizziness. Angela’s health deteriorated when she arrived at the hospital, and she was immediately placed on a ventilator in the intensive care unit, according to authorities. Unfortunately, Angela was confirmed medically brain-dead not long after.

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According to police, murder investigators examined the woman’s untimely death and discovered indications that she had been poisoned. A warrant for the dentist was secured early Sunday morning, just after doctors removed Angela from life support. It is unclear why James poisoned his wife at the time of this post. The investigation is ongoing, and this is a developing story. As a result, additional information will be available shortly.

James Craig

Perspectives on James Craig’s Wife and Married Life

James and his late wife, Angela, were born in Kansas, USA, according to Conan Daily. In addition to Denver, the married couple resided in various locations in Colorado. James and his wife apparently had a two-year age difference. As previously stated, James worked at Summerbrook Dental Group. According to the website’s profile, he and his wife have six children. Further details regarding their marriage and children are unknown. Craig was also pleasant and got along well with everyone. People who knew him also characterized him as a professional and kind guy. However, recent events have taken everyone by surprise. His first court appearance is scheduled on Monday in Arapahoe County.

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