Jake Luxemburger Car accident: Crestwood Kentucky mourns young boy victim of car crash

Crestwood, KY – The Crestwood, Kentucky community is in deep mourning as they come to terms with the tragic loss of a beloved innocent child, Jake Luxemburger, who was fatally struck by a fleeing suspect in a stolen vehicle on Saturday. Jake, a Kenwood Station Elementary student and the cherished son of Trey Luxemburger and Kate Wardle Luxemburger, lost his life in a heart-wrenching accident that occurred on September 16, 2023.

The devastating incident unfolded when 23-year-old Tymetrius Walter, driving a car reported stolen days earlier, attempted to evade a traffic stop by a trooper in Oldham County. Walter fled southbound on Interstate 71, triggering a pursuit involving multiple law enforcement agencies that commenced around 3:30 P.M. The suspect continued to elude authorities and proceeded onto Exit 14, heading into Crestwood and Peewee Valley. Tragically, the stolen vehicle collided with an SUV traveling north on Kentucky Highway 329.

Emergency responders from multiple agencies swiftly converged on the scene. The driver of the SUV was transported to a local hospital in stable condition. However, the young child traveling in the same vehicle, identified as Jake Luxemburger, a fifth-grade student at Kenwood Station Elementary in Crestwood, tragically lost his life.

Tymetrius Walter, the fleeing suspect, was apprehended by law enforcement and now faces a slew of charges, including murder, wanton endangerment, receiving stolen property, first-degree assault, and several traffic offenses.

The Crestwood community is in collective mourning, standing in solidarity with the heartbroken Luxemburger family as they grapple with the sudden and devastating loss of their beloved son, known for his cheerful and loving nature. The investigation into this tragic incident continues, as the entire community seeks answers and seeks to heal from this profound tragedy.

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