Is Buster Murdaugh In Jail? Arrest And Gay Rumors

Buster MurdaughhhIs Buster Murdaugh in jail? Everyone is eager to find out the answer to the question when he is involved in the death of a gay student. The eldest son of a former lawyer and famous killer, Alex Murdaugh, Buster Murdaugh, is calling for his name to be kept from media accounts of the 2015 murder of a young man.

The Murdaughs were one of South Carolina’s most illustrious families until February 24, 2019. Mallory Beach, 19, passed away in a gruesome boating accident involving the family’s youngest son, Paul Murdaugh, brought down the family’s pleasant exterior.

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal, a three-part documentary about murders involving the illustrious South Carolina family, is a true crime series available on the Netflix platform. In addition to the murdered Mallory, the Murdaugh family’s maid Gloria Satterfield and the boy Stephen Smith also died under strange circumstances.

Is Buster Murdaugh in jail?

Many viewers after watching the Netflix series are asking the question, is Buster Murdaugh in prison? No, Buster Murdaugh is not in prison.

Buster Murdaugh reported Alex Murdaugh to police the week after he was convicted. The New York Post published a photo of Buster inside the home in Hilton Head, South Carolina, on March 4, 2023. According to WYFF 4, this prompted Buster to alert the police to the neighborhood authorities.

When Alex Murdaugh received two life sentences for the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, Buster was in the courtroom. Buster did not comment in court on his father’s guilty verdict or punishment. According to The Independent, Alex Murdaugh is said to have said “it’s okay” to his 26-year-old son when the jury announced the guilty verdict.

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People are questioning whether Buster Murdaugh was in jail when Alex Murdaugh was convicted of murder. The Netflix documentary “Murdaugh’s Murders: A Southern Scandal,” depicts Buster’s father’s decline from the line of a multi-generational legal dynasty in South Carolina to a must-have man. faces nearly 100 criminal charges.

Besides his appearance, Buster is also mentioned several times in the Netflix documentary. Alex Murdaugh practiced personal injury law before being barred from practicing by the South Carolina Supreme Court in July 2022.

According to 99 charges spread across more than a dozen indictments, Alex allegedly stole nearly $8.5 million from his clients while practicing law for more than 11 years.

Buster Murdaugh arrest and gay rumors

The family possessed considerable power over many counties in South Carolina over a century thanks to the roles Alex Murdaugh’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all held as the top prosecutor in the southern region. of the state.

Buster Murdaugh declined to make a statement for the series and did not appear in the documentary, but fans of the Netflix show and the trial may want to learn more about Alex Murdaugh’s only surviving son. Buster has mentioned the death of his classmate Stephen Smith in public for the first time. He insists he was not involved in Smith’s murder and was not romantically involved with Smith.

In the statement issued by Murdaugh, he said that all the rumors circulating about Stephen and his death were untrue and baseless. Speculation about Buster Murdaugh and Smith has recently caused a spike in searches for Buster on the internet. According to his Instagram bio, Buster Murdaugh graduated from Wofford University in 2018.

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He now appears to be following in the footsteps of his family’s law school by enrolling in the University of South Carolina Law School. Speaking of gay rumors, Buster’s sexual orientation seems straightforward, as many pages mention that he is in a relationship with girlfriend Brooklyn White.

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