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Ingrid Hartges Wikipedia, Wiki, Hotel

Ingrid Hartges Wikipedia, Wiki, Hotel -: Ingrid Hartges assumed control of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Bundesverband) on January 1, 2006. Christian Ehlers, who departed from his position as general manager of the DEHOGA federal organization at age 65, is succeeded by the 46-year-old trained lawyer.

Ingrid Hartges Wikipedia, Wiki, HotelIngrid Hartges Wikipedia, Wiki, Hotel

She started working at the DEHOGA Bundesverband as soon as she graduated from the University of Würzburg’s law program and the second state bar test in 1989. She was born in Schwalmtal (Lower Rhine). She was named managing director in 1992 and deputy general manager in 1994.

Since that time, she has had oversight over the labour market, collective bargaining policy, vocational training, and the catering division, which also comprises the specialised divisions for system and community catering. She gained favour with the sector, among other things, by amending the mini-job regulation and concluding the target agreement for non-smoker protection in the catering business, which served as a defence against a legal smoking ban.

“Ingrid Hartges successfully promotes the interests of the hotel and catering business in Germany with expertise, boldness, and passion. According to DEHOGA President Ernst Fischer, she has the most esteem and compassion in the sector. “We are pleased to have a personality at the top who will master the upcoming challenges in the best possible way and excellently fulfil the expectations of entrepreneurs of a modern, service-oriented, and future-oriented association.”

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Who Is Ingrid Hartges?

Ingrid Hartges studied law at the University of Würzburg’s Law Faculty after being born in Mönchengladbach in 1959. The native of Schwalmtal joined the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Bundesverband) in 1989 after passing the second state examination. At first, she was in charge of the gastronomy division as well as the labour market, collective bargaining policy, and vocational training.

Ingrid Hartges, a licenced attorney, assumed control of the DEHOGA federal association’s management on January 1st, 2006. With skill and dedication, Ingrid Hartges promotes the interests of German hotel and restaurant owners. The most challenging post-war months for the business were the most recent ones, and their dedication has likely never been more crucial.

Her current main focus is on getting the businesses permanently operating and restarting the sector. The relief and assistance for employers and trainees in the hospitality industry, the extension of the reduced VAT rate for food including beverages, and a sensible and economical design of energy and environment policy are at the top of DEHOGA’s political agenda. Ingrid Hartges participates in a number of committees, including the radio council of Deutschlandradio, in addition to serving as a jury member for the federal prize “Too Good for the Bin!” (

Ingrid Hartges declares emphatically: “I pursue political success. The equitable tax treatment of food and more flexible work hours are top priorities on the list since they will help to secure the future of gastronomy. My goal is to raise the German hosts’ level of appreciation. Additionally, I wish to enthuse even more businesspeople about DEHOGA. She learns about new culinary and hotel concepts when her hectic schedule permits it while she isn’t conducting crucial meetings, making public appearances, or planning the countless DEHOGA events with her team. What does she enjoy in particular? “I appreciate warm hospitality in a real feel-good atmosphere — preferably in full establishments,” says Hartges. What does she have that others like? That she never gives up and the extensive network she has. She works as a lobbyist, so she is extremely familiar with politics, but she also stays in touch with the members at the local level so she always knows where the pinch is in daily life.

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Ingrid Hartges works with DEHOGA to represent the interests of its 200,000-member catering and hotel businesses. All federal states have what the association refers to as state associations, and those associations are connected to district and regional associations. The general manager of DEHOGA is in charge of running the organisation and speaks on behalf of the association’s interests to the media, the public, and other interest groups.

DEHOGA is dedicated to serving the needs of its members and provides them with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Advice and information on legal, economic, and technical issues.
  • Support for the training and further education of employees.
  • Placement of specialists and trainees.
  • Opportunity to attend trade shows and industry events.
  • Cooperation with other associations and institutions.

In conversations with legislators and decision-makers, DEHOGA promotes the interests of its members and participates in the formulation of political decisions.

Overall, DEHOGA serves as a crucial point of contact for businesses in the hospitality and catering sectors and provides them with a wealth of chances to assist and advertise their operations.

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