Hunter Skinner Obituary: Simmons Boatworks member dies in boating accident

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Hunter Skinner, a 24-year-old student hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, has lost his life in a tragic boating accident that unfolded in Texas. Hunter, known for his exceptional sailing skills and dedication to his education, passed away on September 11, 2023, due to injuries sustained during the fatal crash.

The news of Hunter Skinner’s untimely demise has left a void in the hearts of his family, friends, and the community he was a part of. His legacy as a bright and promising young man is etched in the memories of those who knew him well.

Simmons Boatworks paid tribute on facebook,

“Over the weekend the Simmons Boatworks family lost an important member of our team. Hunter was an amazing coworker and friend and we will miss him terribly. Our hearts are with the Skinner family”.

Jessica Skinner expressed her feelings by saying,

“My family is hurting and needs many prayers. My brother has passed away unexpectedly. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We have felt the many prayers and love of God’s arms and breath around us all in the past few days. Thank you, keep them coming. Hug your loved ones hard, love them hard. Here is the initial info about services. As we process everything, more info may come out. Please feel free to share this with all those who love Hunter and my family”.

Hunter Skinner’s accomplishments in high school sailing were nothing short of remarkable. He secured a place in the national championships and clinched the prestigious Keelboat Invitational in 2015. His passion and talent for sailing were evident to all who watched him on the water.

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The news of Hunter’s passing sent shockwaves through his family, friends, and the Charleston community. His sister, Jessica Skinner, shared the heartbreaking news on her Facebook account, prompting an outpouring of condolences and support.

Simmons Boatworks, where Hunter worked, expressed deep sorrow at the loss of a valued team member. Their Facebook page posted a poignant message, saying, “Over the weekend, the Simmons Boatworks family lost an important member of our team. Hunter was an amazing coworker and friend, and we will miss him terribly. Our hearts are with the Skinner family.”

Hunter Skinner’s commitment to excellence extended beyond the water. He was a dedicated physics major at the College of Charleston, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his education. He completed his high school education at McQuaid Jesuit and Clear Falls in Kemah, Texas, graduating in 2016.

Hunter’s life serves as an inspiration for future generations to pursue their passions with determination and zest. Though his time was tragically cut short, his brilliance and accomplishments continue to shine brightly in the memories of those who knew him.

The boating accident that claimed Hunter Skinner’s life serves as a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability and the importance of safety precautions, particularly in activities like boating. It emphasizes the fragility of human existence and the need to cherish every moment spent with loved ones.

In the wake of this devastating tragedy, the community has rallied around the Skinner family, offering compassion and strength during this challenging time. Hunter Skinner may be gone, but his spirit and legacy will live on, inspiring us all to make the most of the precious moments we have in life.

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