How to Use Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool in Windows 7/8/10?

The Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool is a tool in Windows 10/8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2. It is used by Microsoft Support to help identify Windows problems. When you contact Microsoft for help, a support agent will provide you with a Passkey. Just open the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool and enter Passkey.

To run the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, click the Start menu and type ‘msdt’ in the Search box, press ‘Enter’. After you have entered the passcode, the Tool will be activated, then follow the instructions provided on the screen.

Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool

To identify your information, you will be provided with an Incident number that you must enter into the tool. You may also be asked to download some additional tools and answer some questions. When the tool completes the process, it saves the results. You can send the results to Microsoft for further processing. Microsoft Support uses this information to further analyze and provide the best solution to the problems you are having with the version of Windows you have. They can also use the information to perform common troubleshooting tasks.

Running the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool does not require an internet connection. This can be done through a package produced on a computer with an Internet connection. This package is called an Offline package and it will execute on the destination computer. It will then generate a CAB file with diagnostic information that will be passed directly to Microsoft support. You can also check out the Microsoft Product Support Report to facilitate the collection of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support related issues .

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