How to Reset Microsoft Account Password to Deal with Inaccessibility?

Microsoft account is trending among professionals, thus becoming important for most working individuals. In case you are using any Microsoft domain like Outlook or Hotmail for your email account, you need to know how to reset your password whenever there is a need or you cannot access your account. mine. Here we provide in-depth instructions on how to reset your Microsoft password. There is a read:

Some reasons you might need to reset your Microsoft password:

  1. You forgot your account password
  2. Two-step verification turned on and didn’t receive the key
  3. You have switched to a new device

Some basics to check:

  1. If caps lock is on
  2. You have entered the wrong email address
  3. Have you cleared history, cache and cookies from your browser?

However, if your case is complicated and none of the above tricks work for you, try resetting your password. This article covers everything you need to know:

Reset your forgotten Microsoft Outlook password:

To reset your Microsoft password, try the method below:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Now choose a reason to “reset your Microsoft password” and click Next
  3. Enter your email address, phone number, Skype ID, and make sure you use the same information you used when you created your account. Typically, Microsoft IDs end with the domain name “ or”.
  4. Now type the characters you find on the screen and then click Next
  5. You can choose an alternate email address/phone number or registered recovery information to receive a verification code to reset your password.

Your Microsoft account settings play an important role in how your account works, so in many cases changing the settings affects the sign-in process. In such cases, resetting the password will not help. Some such scenarios are:

Did not receive the security code? Do this:

There can be many reasons why you did not receive the security code. The causes could be:

  1. you have blocked calls or messages from unknown numbers
  2. You have recently updated your phone’s security settings.
  3. Your email is moving to the “Junk” folder.

So what to do next?

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First, check your phone’s settings and allow unknown numbers to call or text you. And, then go to Microsoft’s recovery page and select “I don’t have the code”. You will soon receive another code.

Next, monitor your email settings and make sure to check your Spam or Spam Folder on your email account. Search for “” as a valid verification code is only sent from this address. Also, add this account to a trusted sender so you don’t miss any emails from Microsoft in the future.

Another important thing is to check that the recovery or replacement information you entered to receive the code is correct and is not spelled or mistyped.

If required, reset recovery information:

Microsoft only displays the last two digits of your phone number or the first two characters of your email address to maintain user privacy. So, if you want to check the security information is correct, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Security basics page with your Microsoft account.
  2. Click on “Update Information”
  3. Replace the recovery information by selecting “I don’t have any of these” or simply any of the methods from those registered.

To change your recovery info, you’ll first need to verify ownership of your account. For this, you need to answer a series of questions that require you, such as the subject line of the email you recently sent from your account, the date of birth that you provided at the time of registration, information credit or debit card information and any other personal details. Not necessarily exact in each answer, close enough will work. But you must answer some questions correctly to change the recovery information. After all, it’s all about security.

The next important thing is whether you are using another Microsoft account to recover your Microsoft account. If that’s the case, you could be confusing both accounts. Check which account you are logged into. Make sure you’re signed in to an active account and not the one you want to restore.

Some other situations where a password reset can be helpful:

Losing access to your Microsoft account and not being able to recover it is a chilling situation as it can lead to data loss. Microsoft gives you a 30-day waiting period to maintain access if you forget your password. So, if you are having trouble answering the questions, you need to get up to speed and gather all the information needed to reset the recovery information to get the verification code. Even if you have changed your information, restore your account as soon as possible!. So, if you’ve changed your security information but received the “We’re not ready for you” message, you may be in for a 30-day waiting period.

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Can’t login because profile is temporarily blocked?

Sometimes brands block you to save you from unauthorized access. So, to recover your locked Microsoft account, you need to verify your identity. For this you can even use a new phone number. It is not necessary to be linked to your account

Outlook/Hotmail profile reasons are blocked:

  1. When detecting you as spam:
  2. If Microsoft detects you as spam, suspicious, or phishing, your access may be controlled by blocking your profile. This usually happens when you violate Microsoft’s terms and conditions

  3. When traveling or using a new device:

Whenever an unusual activity takes place, Microsoft pulls its protection mechanism and begins to check what’s going on around. Therefore, you may need to confirm that it is you when signing from a new location or from a new device.

Follow the given steps to unlock your account by resetting your password:

  1. Open and sign in to your locked account.
  2. Now enter the phone number to receive the security code via text message. You can use any phone that can receive text messages.
  3. When the text arrives, enter the security code on the login page.
  4. Now create a new password to unlock your account.

Are you using your PC with a local account and not a Microsoft Account?

There are two types of sign-in options available when using Windows: using a Microsoft account or using a local account. While Microsoft accounts are accessible to each and all Microsoft devices, apps, and services, local accounts can only be used on the specific device where they were created. In such cases, you can recover the password for your Microsoft account using the Microsoft website, but to reset the local account password you need to follow the steps below:

How to reset Windows 10 account password

  1. If you forget your local account password, you’ll need to reset your device and this will erase all data, programs, and settings. So make sure you back everything up first.
  2. Next, start your device and click on the Power icon from the right corner of the screen.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and then Restart your device.
  4. Now, on the Boot Options menu, select “Troubleshoot > Reset This PC > Erase Everything”.
  5. Your device will then reboot.

Important Note: If you’ve set a PIN instead of a password to sign in to your Windows 10 PC, you’ll need to reset the PIN, not the password, for your account.

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How to change Microsoft account password?

If you’re having trouble signing in to your Microsoft account, there could be a number of causes, such as forgetting your password, activating two-step verification, or trying to sign in to a device. other.

Here are the little tips you must follow to get access to your account.

  • In case your password doesn’t work, even if you entered the correct password, see Caps lock. If it is on, turn it off and re-enter the password.
  • Sometimes browser cache becomes the root of login problems, so clear it as soon as possible. However, you should try a different browser to sign in to your account.

If the advice given above doesn’t help in accessing your account, then resetting your password might be the trick for you. Also, check out the other scenarios below that might prompt you to reset your password.

If You have enabled two-step verification

Two-step verification is very beneficial for users, it enhances the security of the account. However, sometimes it causes problems for users because many apps or devices are not updated or compatible with these features. Therefore, you need to use apps that are compatible with this feature.

With two-step verification enabled, you may not be able to sign in to third-party platforms with the same password because two-step verification also changes the way you sign in to apps and programs. So if you are confused with this, it is quite simple to understand that instead of using Microsoft account password, you now need to use app password.

Here you can change your Microsoft password:

But if you are already logged in on any platform, you can simply change your password using the steps below;

  • To change your Microsoft password
  • First, go to where you’re signed in or can access your Microsoft account.
  • Now comes the option “Security”,
  • Then click on Password Security
  • Enter your current password and then enter your new password twice to set it as the login for your account.
  • Now, click Save to imply the changes.

All the information we provide has been tried and tested, but in case you want professional support you should always try Microsoft support which is only accessible via the official website. Don’t fall into the trap of any kind of scam.

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