How to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 in 2023?

Not all of us hate it when we are engrossed in a song or a show and suddenly the video starts lagging due to poor signal and we can’t enjoy our favorite videos. But now we can watch our favorite shows, interviews, songs and other videos on YouTube offline with a simple yet revolutionary tool that will convert YouTube to mp3.

Why doesn’t YouTube allow users to convert videos?

The main reason for that is that once a person has downloaded the video, it will not stream and no ads will be played for the videos that are monetized, i.e. not profitable. Second because of copyright infringement.

Can you convert YouTube videos to mp3 for free?

The great news is that you can now conveniently convert all your YouTube videos to MP3 using YouTube to MP3 converters, most of which are free!

How to download YouTube videos in mp3 format for free?

There are many tools that provide free conversion of YouTube videos to mp3. First, you need to choose any video converter, then copy the link of the video you want to convert from YouTube, then paste that link on that tool’s website and press convert (double when you will need to take some extra steps for some tools). The video will be converted and you can download it.

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To use the free YouTube converter


YTSMP3 is a product that helps people convert videos from YouTube to mp3 format without losing video quality and you won’t have to pay any fees to use it. No hassles with subscriptions, mailing list subscriptions or hidden fees. After visiting the website, you can get started right away. This YouTube to mp3 converter is supported by all devices, tablets, PCs and smartphones.

  1. Look up the video you want to access in offline mode.
  1. Copy the video and paste it into the dedicated tab available on the YTS mp3 website.
  1. Now enter the conversion and wait until the whole process is complete.
  1. Now tap the download sign on the screen. The conversion site is designed with a specific algorithm that will generate YouTube mp3 download links on its own.

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Convert videos from YouTube to PC for free with browser extension:

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  1. First, you’ll need to install the video converter’s browser extension.
  2. This extension will automatically add the video download command below any video you are playing on YouTube.
  3. After hitting that option, you will see all the formats that you can convert the video to.
  4. Save video in Mp3 format. The download time will depend on the length of the video.

Convert videos from YouTube to mp3 using Online Video Downloader:

  1. You’ll need to search for the video you’re interested in on YouTube.
  2. Copy the link to that video. And then open the online video download site and paste the link in the search tab of the site.
  3. Select the format (Audio or video) and press the convert button.
  4. Once the conversion is complete, hit download. You can conveniently play downloaded videos at any time!
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