Heriberto Fiorillo’s Obituary: How Did He Die? Journalist Cause Of Death

People are curious about Heriberto Fiorillo’s death cause and obituary details. Learn more about the director’s death and other relevant information. Heriberto was well-known in Colombian cultural history, having studied it for over four decades. He majored in Social Communication and Journalism at Javeriana University in Bogotá, and his journalistic articles and multimedia projects demonstrate a grasp of many languages.

In addition to his journalism, Fiorillo teaches journalistic story workshops at the Foundation for a New Ibero-American Journalism. As a cultural manager and professional in journalism, screenwriting, and filmmaking, Heriberto likely works in a variety of disciplines, including book sales, screenplay and directing contracts, journal articles, and speaking engagements. For his work with the La Cueva Foundation and the Barranquilla International Carnival of the Arts, he may also get funding from organizations and institutions.

Heriberto Fiorillo’s Cause of Death And Obituary

Heriberto Fiorillo, a Barranquilla-born writer, cultural journalist, screenwriter, and filmmaker, has died. Medical issues were the cause of death for Heriberto Fiorillo, according to studies. According to Carlos Polo, press secretary for the International Carnival of the Arts, an event established by ‘Fiori,’ as his closest friends fondly called him, 16 years ago, his death happened on Monday night. The well-known journalist was also the executive director of the La Cueva Cultural Foundation. He was the deputy director of Cromos magazine at the age of 25 before becoming the editor of the daily EL HERALDO.

Heriberto Fiorillo

“He died peacefully, even though he arrived with very significant medical complications, and even so, from his home, he remained linked to all the activities that we carried out, including for the 16th edition of the International Carnival of the Arts, he remained active delivering ideas about the guest grill,” Polo explained.

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How Did Journalist Heriberto Fiorillo Pass Away?

Heriberto Fiorillo passed away as a result of medical issues. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also a New York chronicler, filmmaker, presenter, and radio producer. Fiorillo, a graduate of Javeriana University in Bogotá, established himself not only as a language researcher but also through several journalistic articles and the creation of scripts and texts for audiovisuals. He also worked at the Foundation for New Ibero-American Journalism, where he led journalistic narrative seminars.

Heriberto Fiorillo

A journalist protests the mayor’s brother’s cruelty in Riohacha. A decade after quitting journalism, Heriberto Fiorillo had a successful career as a screenwriter. Fiorillo started his documentary film career in 1980 as the creator and director of Cine-revista, a weekly 10-minute 35mm film magazine produced in Colombia and post-produced in New York and Caracas. In 2021, the Colombian Ministry of Culture honored him with the Medal of Cultural Merit, a distinction intended to acknowledge the efforts of people and creative organizations to bring the arts closer to the public.

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