Here Are 5 Facts Regarding Samira Frasch’s Murder

In February 2014, Samira Frasch, a French model of Madagascar origin, was found dead at the bottom of the pool of her Tallahassee villa. Although the crime scene made Samira’s death appear to be accidental, subsequent autopsies proved that she died from a combination of blunt force injuries to the head and drowning. .

The three-year investigation into the model’s murder provided light on the events that unfolded in the hours leading up to her murder by estranged husband Adam Frasch. The murder of Samira Frasch will be discussed in Wednesday’s episode of Dateline: Secrets Unbroken. The synopsis for the episode titled At the Bottom of the Pool reads:

“When an aspiring YouTube celebrity and model is found dead, the authorities question her husband to see if he has any answers.”

The episode will air on Oxygen on February 15, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET.

Samira Frasch’s autopsy report, Adam’s cellmate’s testimony and other information about the case

1) A handyman discovered Samira’s dead body in the pool.

Gerald Gardner, a handyman, discovered Samira Frasch’s dead body at the bottom of her backyard pool in Tallahassee’s gated Golden Eagle community. He is said to have discovered the body just before 11am. Samira was unresponsive, lying inside the pool with only a leopard coat tied around her waist. Gerald then contacted authorities to report the murder and expressed aversion to the removal of Samira’s body from the swimming pool.

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Samira Frasch

2) Samira Frasch’s autopsy report

At first, it appeared that Samira slipped and fell into the pool, possibly while chasing her dog, which was discovered nearby. According to Oxygen, police determined that the circumstances at the scene did not fit that premise after a closer look. Although a faucet is partially submerged in water with one of Samira’s shoes hidden underneath, it appears to have been made. Authorities were also confused as to how the ankle-strap sandals could slip off so easily.

An autopsy determined that Samira died from a combination of drowning and blunt force trauma to the head. Furthermore, the victim’s friends and relatives informed the authorities that she could not swim.

3) Adam Frasch was there for several hours before her body was discovered.

According to sources, Samira’s estranged husband, Adam Frasch, spent the night before the murder occurred at the mansion. He set off at 8 a.m. the next morning, driving his two young children to Panama City Beach in a rented GMC Yukon. Three hours later, her body was found.

Eyewitnesses claim to have spotted someone resembling Samira on the premises after Adam left with their children. However, he was detained for disobeying a court order that gave Samira a temporary monopoly on custody of their children. At the time of the assault, the couple was in the process of getting a divorce. Authorities are said to have observed a scratch below Adam’s eye during the arrest.

4) On the night before the murder, Samira and Adam had a fight.

Samira, according to Adam Frasch, was a heavy drinker who drank two bottles of champagne the night before her body was discovered in the pool. However, a toxicology test revealed she had no evidence of alcohol in her body. That night, the pair were said to have clashed when Samira discovered an intimate video of Adam with his ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, he was said to have many relationships at the time.

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Samira Frasch

The couple are going through a bitter divorce and custody battle, with Samira Frasch able to receive custody of her daughter, home ownership and alimony.

5) At the trial of Adam Frasch, his cellmate testified, providing information about the murder of Samira Frasch.

One of Adams’ inmates, Dale Folsom, testified during his trial, saying the father-of-two gave him the truth about the murder. Frasch is said to have struck Samira Frasch in the head with a golf club before shoving her into the pool. He says it was an accident and Adam had no intention of killing her.

According to The Tallahassee Democracy, officials later discovered Samira’s DNA on a golf club at their residence. However, the medical examiner stated that the cane used did not cause the victim’s head wound.

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