Héctor Tricoche Passed Away At The Age Of 66 Due To A Heart Attack

Héctor Tricoche, a Puerto Rican salsa performer, died on July 17 at the age of 66. His family initially announced his death on the late singer’s official Facebook and Instagram profiles. It was reported that the Juana Daz native died of a heart attack in Springfield, Massachusetts.

According to his daughter’s official obituary:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, Hector Noel Tricoche Albertorio, at the age of 66 in Springfield, Massachusetts. In this difficult moment, we appreciate any expressions of solidarity, kindness, and respect.”

His direct family members include his daughters Sandra Tricoche, Glenda Tricoche, Victoria Tricoche, and Patricia Tricoche. The singer’s spouse is not known to the public due to his reserved demeanor in reference to his home life.

Héctor Tricoche Cause Of Death

The salsa singer-songwriter died of a heart attack, according to the Puerto Rican publication Primera Hora (First Hour). According to the article, Héctor Tricoche had been suffering from the ailment for quite some time. It is unknown if Tricoche got surgery or medical therapy for his illness.

Héctor Tricoche

The 66-year-old musician may have sought therapy for his disease in Massachusetts, where he lived until his death. Héctor Tricoche had recently performed, according to his Instagram postings. According to reports, the singer’s final few gigs were in June.

Following the death of Héctor Tricoche, many people have expressed their condolences.

Tricoche’s fans and acquaintances flocked to social media to offer their respects to the late singer as word of his death spread on social media and via stories from different news agencies. A slew of postings lamented Tricoche’s passing and praised his contributions to the salsa genre. Mambo Lebron, a DJ, musician, and salsa vocalist from Florida, spoke of her encounter with the late Tricoche. She said in her Facebook post:

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“In 1996, I had my first professional Salsa engagement (outside of the LeBron Brothers family) with Hector Tricoche in Brooklyn. He believed in me despite the fact that I couldn’t read music at the time. He loved my swing, and since he believed in me, I worked hard on my reading.”

The legacy of Héctor Tricoche

Héctor Tricoche

The salsa great departed behind a 46-year career in music. Tricoche is said to have started his career in 1976. In the beginning, he was involved with his school’s band in Juana Daz, Puerto Rico. Later, in the early 1980s, Tricoche embarked on a professional salsa music career. The singer was most known for his classics such as Hacer El Amor, Mujer Prohibida, and Sed de Amarte. Tricoche released eight studio albums in the 1990s, and by 2007, he had released six albums of compilation material.

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