Heather Mack ‘Suitcase killer’ Pleads Guilty over her Mother’s Murder on vacation in Bali

Heather Mack, along with her boyfriend Tommy Schafer, committed the horrific crime of killing her mother on August 12, 2014. Recently, Mack pleaded guilty in federal court in the United States to this crime. The incident happened while they were on a luxury vacation in Bali with Mack’s mother, Sheila Von Wiese-Mack.

At the time of the murder, Mack was 18 years old and her boyfriend Schafer was 21 years old. They brutally killed Wiese-Mack using the fruit stand as a weapon. It is believed that Mack wanted to escape her mother’s control, while Schafer had ulterior motives related to Mack’s substantial $1.5 million inheritance.

Heather Mack was initially sentenced to prison in Indonesia but was later extradited to the US to stand trial. On June 16, 2023, she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder a US citizen as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. On the other hand, Schafer is currently serving his sentence in Bali.

Heather Mack’s confession revolves around the allegation of plotting to kill her mother on foreign soil. The murder of Sheila Von Wiese-Mack took place at the St. Regis in Bali. After committing the crime, Mack and her boyfriend packed the remains of the victim in a suitcase. Unable to leave the resort, they fled, leaving behind their suitcases. The taxi driver who had taken them informed the police, leading to their arrest at a nearby hotel.

Both Heather Mack and Tommy Schafer were tried for their crimes in Indonesia and received 10 and 18 years in prison, respectively, for intentional murder. After serving a seven-year sentence, Mack, who was pregnant with her daughter at the time of the murder, along with her child, was extradited to the United States. When they arrived, Mack was arrested and faced trial on two counts of conspiring to kill Wiese-Mack, as well as a separate count of vandalism, mutilation, and concealment of evidence.

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In an interview with The Post, Heather Mack discussed the decision to plead guilty in the case brought against her, saying: “We were given the defense we deserved. First, it was 15 to 35 years, now they say 0 to 25 years, including serving time.” Her attorney, Michael Leonard, expressed hope that the judge would consider how long Mack has served and the circumstances surrounding her life and relationship with her mother. He emphasized the ongoing assessment of risk and reward in federal criminal cases.

Statement by William Wiese and Debbi Curran, siblings of Sheila von Wiese-Mack, regarding Heather Mack’s confession: pic.twitter.com/Qcr3XclttD

– Jon Seidel (@SeidelContent) June 16, 2023

Currently, Heather Mack is being held in Illinois, pending further legal proceedings. It’s important to note that Mack used to abuse her mother, and Sheila Von Wiese-Mack even predicted she would kill herself. Authorities revealed that Mack had been arrested multiple times for parental abuse and that violence against her mother had escalated over the years.

In 2013, Wiese-Mack expressed fear that her daughter would eventually kill her. Unfortunately, there are no specific laws to address parental abuse of minors, leaving police unable to take action against Heather. The gradual escalation of abuse is likened to a slow-moving train that derails, leaving those involved feeling helpless.

Reflecting on the criminal justice system’s inability to act on a victim’s suspicions, a former police officer, Rasul Freelain, stated: “The entire criminal justice system has screwed up. disappointed people.” He vividly recalls the moment he learned of the victim’s murder and expressed skepticism and disappointment at the tragic turn of events.

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Sheila Von Wiese-Mack, whose life was tragically cut short, is 75 years old this year.

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