Groovy Mal- All About The TikTok Hair Stylist Influencer

Because of the internet, everyone has the ability to become a phenomenon in their own way. With her characteristic 1970s-style hair, Groovy Mal is a TikTok celebrity. Her TikTok account, which has a retro feel, has 1.5 million followers. Groovy Mal teases a break from posting hair vids in her new TikTok video. One of her videos bears the caption:

“I don’t do my hair anymore, so when I did, I had to create a tiktok.”

Groovy Mal made a video in response to a TikTok remark that stated, “Missed the hair vids,” and responded,

“Fifty percent of my fans watch my hair videos, and the other fifty are bored of seeing me do the same thing.”

As she just revealed her pregnancy, many suspected that she would be pausing her hairstyling videos.

Who exactly is Groovy Mal?

Mallory Jade, often known as Groovy Mal, is a TikTok celebrity with over 1.5 million followers who rose to prominence because of her legendary hairstyling videos. Her most popular video has had over 17.2 million views. The video showed her transitioning from half-styled to completely styled hair. It was uploaded on April 8, 2021, with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam’s smash song I Wonder If I Take You Home playing in the background. Groovy Mal, for example, is bringing back nostalgia to assist people to learn more about fashion and style.

Groovy Mal

TikTok is seeing a revival of 90s hairstyles.

TikTokers may always go towards other trends for hairstyle inspiration if Groovy Mal chooses to stop publishing her distinctive 70’s hair tips. The Butterfly haircut is the most popular style trending on TikTok right now. This look has been popular for a long time, and the greatest superstars of the 1990s adopted it as the industry standard. This layered look was popular among supermodels such as Cindy Crawford and Iman. During that time period, Pamela Anderson made the hairstyle her hallmark. Generation Z has a strong desire to modernize 1990s clothes.

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According to Eli Pjetraj, a hairdresser at Fekkai Salon in New York City, a butterfly cut is a layered haircut with tiny layers that gently frame the face and give you volume and bounce, as well as extended layers that give you the illusion of having long hair.

The hairdresser is also certain that the butterfly may be customized to fit everyone. She claims that

“This cut looks best on curly, medium-to-thick hair, as well as thin and fine hair,” says the stylist.

She continued,

“It’s always better for customers with kinky and curly hair to have their hair in its natural state when they arrive at the salon so you and your stylist can truly see how curly the hair is and from there, they can create the hair cut together.”

Groovy Mal

The key is to have your stylist cut the layers so that they meet at the right place, taking into consideration the shape of your face and jawline. The extra layers may then be integrated into the front of the hair, giving the cut more body than a harsh, crisp haircut. All hair types can pull it off, however, Pjetraj emphasizes that no two butterfly cuts are exactly the same and that persons with fine hair should take additional care while layering up. The butterfly cut allows you to completely transform your hair without the risky side effects of other, more radical haircuts. The butterfly style may be suitable for you if you desire layers that allow for quick blowouts and a raised look.

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