Greyson Chance Criticized Ellen DeGeneres For Being Manipulative And Self-Centered

Greyson Chance, Ellen DeGeneres’ former protégée, recently gave an explosive interview to Rolling Stone in which he told the truth about working with the famed talk show host. As he launched his new album Palladium, he called DeGeneres “manipulative,” “self-centered,” and “blatantly opportunistic.” Greyson Chance was just 12 years old when Ellen DeGeneres found him. The adolescent has just gone viral for his version of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. The talk show host quickly flew him from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, where he informed the boy and his mother, Lisa, that they were “going to do this together.” In May 2010, the adolescent became the first musician to sign to DeGeneres’ music company, eleveneleven.

Greyson Chance, the talk show presenter, allegedly “grew dominating and much too controlling” by the time he launched his own mini EP in October 2010. He continued:

“One text message from her may transform my whole week, month, and year.” That was dreadful.”

The singer also said that he was offered the chance to open for Miranda Cosgrove at the time. Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres insisted on his watching Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never documentary. Greyson Chance alleged that the TV personality urged Chance to follow in Bieber’s footsteps. However, when on tour, Chance was too fatigued to watch the show, which prompted DeGeneres to lash out at his mother, Lisa.

“What kind of mother are you?” DeGeneres yelled at Chance’s mother. She allegedly added:

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“Disappointed isn’t even close to how I feel right now.”

Chance remarked that after this conversation, he thought to himself:

“All right, I’m a pawn in your game.”

Greyson Chance

Who is Greyson Chance, the young man found by Ellen DeGeneres?

The Texas native is well renowned for his singing and songwriting abilities. In addition to signing with eleveneleven, he was also recording with Interscope Records. Waiting Outside the Lines, his first song was released in 2010. Greyson Chance, aged 25, released his first album, Hold On ‘Til the Night, in August 2011. A music video from the same album peaked at number 29 on the US charts. The teen has won several awards, including the Hollywood Teen TV Award for Teen Pick ‘YouTube Artist of the Year,’ the Youth Rock Award for ‘Rocking New Artist of the Year,’ the MTV- CCTV Mandarin Music Award for ‘Most Popular New International Artist,’ and a Shorty Award for ‘Best Singer.’

Chance has a brother and a sister. He attended Cheyenne Middle School and was involved in music-related activities there. Chance, who was always fascinated by music, began playing the piano at the age of eight. He wanted to finish his studies after traveling and working in the music business, so he enrolled at the University of Tulsa. Chance has more than 584k Instagram followers.

Grayson Chance revealed anything more about Ellen DeGeneres?

Greyson Chance’s music career hit an untimely low in 2012, with ticket sales plummeting, and the television presenter allegedly “totally distanced” herself from his predicament and “absolutely abandoned” him. He attempted repeatedly to contact her but to no effect. However, as time passed, he appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ program, where the television presenter pretended that nothing had transpired between them. Greyson Chance remembered:

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“‘How have you been?’ she said. And I was like, ‘What do you mean, how have I f**king been?’ “What have you been up to?”

Ellen DeGeneres

When asked about the interviews, Chance told Rolling Stone:

“I can feel a lot of nervousness in my eyes when I look at the interviews.” I can see a lot of PTSD because I’m there hanging on for dear life, saying, ‘I need this TV career.’ I was really faking it.”

Greyson Chance’s charges are not surprising given that DeGeneres has already been called out by former colleagues for creating a hostile work environment in two Buzzfeed exposés.

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