Green Line train accident in Pakistan – Footage of Express derails in Ghotki

Pakistan sees shocking Green Line train crash as Express is delayed in Ghotki

On Sunday, June 11, 2023, there were reports of a derailment in Ghotki, Sindh. According to information obtained, the Green Line Express train, en route from Karachi to Rawalpindi, suddenly derailed in Ghotki. As news of the accident spread, prayers and well-wishes poured out for those involved.

In a near miss, the Green Line train bound for Rawalpindi narrowly avoided a major crash when its engine derailed near Ghotki, a town in northern Sindh, bordering Punjab. The incident happened when the Green Line train crossed the road with the Fareed Express, which was heading to Karachi near Ghotki train station.

Green Line train accident in Pakistan – Express train derailment in Ghotki🙀 #accident Full video ️📷⤵️

– JB Communications (@jbmedianetwork) June 12, 2023

Thankfully, no damage was done to any of the Green Line carriages and the engine did not collide with the Fareed Express. Therefore, all passengers and staff on both trains are unharmed. However, the Green Line train got stuck at the roundabout of Ghotki Railway Station, making it difficult for the trains to move.

Pakistan Railways officials quickly dispatched a relief train from Rohri to clear the way and solve the problems hindering the train’s movement. Later in the day, at around 10:30 a.m., it was announced that the Green Line would continue its journey to Rawalpindi once the tracks were cleared and a new engine was attached to the train.

Ghotki is located on the main road connecting Karachi, Pakistan’s southernmost city, with other major cities such as Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. As a result, the Khyber Mail train to Peshawar had to stop earlier at Pano Aqil, a town south of Ghotki.

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Railway officials have yet to determine the cause of the derailment and predict that it may take some time to restore regular traffic.

It is worth noting that the Fareed Express is a passenger train operating between Karachi and Lahore via Pakpattan, which diverts from the Karachi-Peshawar main line at Lodhran Railway Station.

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