“Great Chocolate Showdown” Season 4 Is Set To Released On CW

Great Chocolate Showdown return with a new season. The forthcoming season of the CW program will feature 10 amateur bakers competing for a $50,000 grand prize by creating unique and fantastic chocolate-based sweets.

According to CW’s news release:

“In order to avoid elimination and survive the competition from week to week, the chocoholic dessert-makers must dazzle our panel of world-renowned chocolatiers and food expert judges with their delicious, inventive creations.”

Season 4 of Great Chocolate Showdown will premiere on the CW on Saturday, August 5, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

Great Chocolate Showdown Season 4

The next season of Great Chocolate Showdown will premiere shortly. Contestants will participate in intriguing and inventive chocolate-themed tasks in each stage of the tournament. According to the baking show’s press release:

“To advance in the competition and avoid elimination, these dessert lovers must enchant our esteemed panel of renowned chocolatiers and expert judges with their mouthwatering and innovative creations.”

Great Chocolate Showdown Season 4

Let the Games Begin! is the title of the season opener of Great Chocolate Showdown season 4. The 10 candidates will enter the kitchen to make a chocolate Tic-Tac-Toe board. Contestants that finish last will battle for their spot in the tournament by “delivering a cake diorama.” Meredith Bridges, Timmy Dabaker, Lee, Charli Jr., Emma, and others are among the participants slated to compete.

Meet the panel of judges

Steven Hodge

Temper Chocolate & Pasty in Vancouver is the proprietor of the forthcoming judge on The CW program. While he began baking at an early age as a result of his mother’s influence, he began working professionally in a kitchen while attending the California School of Culinary Arts. During his stay there, he was told by another chef about the challenge of making it as a pastry chef, but this just fueled his determination to succeed. The Great Chocolate Showdown judge formerly worked at Wolfgang Puck Catering and Porto’s bakery before moving to Vancouver to work as an executive chef for the Glowbal Group.

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Anna Olson

Bake with Anna Olson, Anna’s Occasions, Fresh with Anna Olson, Inspired with Anna Olson, and other Food Network Canada series have previously included the Food Network Canada personality. The Great Chocolate Showdown judge has been on the program since 2020 and has over 1.4 million fans on her YouTube account. The chef is the author of many cookbooks, including Baking Day, which won a Gold Medal at the Taste Canada Cookbook Awards.

Anna Olson

Cynthia Stroud

She was born in Nigeria and raised by her grandparents until she was ten years old. She made her first cake when she was eight years old. According to her website:

“I began baking full-time after going on maternity leave in 2009 because I was afraid of leaving my newborn son.” At the time, the goal was to manufacture one wedding cake every month.”

Cynthia’s grandpa, who worked as an attorney and often defended clients who couldn’t afford to pay him, had a major influence on her life. His customers were willing to pay him anything they could. Season 4 of Great Chocolate Showdown will premiere on the CW on Saturday, August 5, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

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