GoT7’s BamBam Spoke About The Time That He Wanted To Leave The K-Pop Industry

GOT7’s BamBam has accomplished a lot since leaving JYP Entertainment in January of last year, although he had previously pondered quitting the K-pop scene. In a recent episode of Transit Love 2, also known as EXchange, MC BamBam gave his candid views about leaving everything and returning to Thailand. Although he could not elaborate on why this way of thinking bothered him, he did say that he had always desired to excel in South Korea. Hosting Transit Love 2 is currently assisting him in reaching his aim.

“When my contract with JYPE (JYP Entertainment) expired, I planned to leave.” I was considering resigning and returning to Thailand. I’ve desired to flourish in the United States since I made my debut in Korea, and I believe Transit Love has paved the way for me.”

BamBam of GOT7 confesses his wish to be successful in Korea once again.

Thai member of GOT7 BamBam has performed well as a solo artist after leaving JYP Entertainment. Two successful albums, several fan gatherings, becoming the NBA’s Golden State Warriors worldwide ambassador, and numerous more amazing accomplishments round out his artist resume. However, the riBBon singer says he is not well-known in South Korea.

Bambam praised the presenters and the program on the last episode of Transit Love 2 on October 28 for helping him acquire greater notoriety in South Korea. The remark stunned fellow guests Simon D, Lee Yong-jin, Yura from Girl’s Day, and Kim Ye-won. After they said that he had 10 million Instagram followers, the hero spoke out about his views on leaving.

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GoT7’s BamBam

Slow Mo’s vocalist said that he was thinking about quitting K-pop and going to Thailand. The guests couldn’t stop complimenting the GOT7 member after his candid remark. As the artist said that he now had “a little bit more bravery” to continue advertising in South Korea, the audience burst out laughing.

This is not the first time BamBam has mentioned a lack of recognition in the nation. In May of last year, the 25-year-old star, who migrated to Korea at the age of 13, expressed his desire to “truly gain recognized here.” He drew comparisons with his fame in Thailand, where he is regarded as one of the country’s top stars.

“I can stroll around here (South Korea) with ease.” In Thailand, I’m powerless. I’m unable to leave the hotel. It’s surrounded by fans, so I can’t even go home… Despite the fact that I began here (South Korea), it seems that I have not yet achieved recognition in Korea.”

GoT7’s BamBam

He continued:

“I’ve cemented my place in Thailand and elsewhere.” Although advancements abroad are vital, I also want to be appropriately recognized here. That, I believe, will set my mind at peace. For the time being, I’d want to concentrate on my promotions in Korea. The new outcomes will arise.”

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