Fundraiser raises over $2075 on GoFundMe for black victims amidst montgomery riverfront brawl

A crowdfunding campaign has been initiated on GoFundMe to support the black individuals affected by the Montgomery Riverfront altercation that gained widespread attention on social media. The incident unfolded on August 5, involving a black dock worker trying to clear space along the Alabama River for the Harriott II Riverboat.

However, a group of white boaters, whose pontoon was obstructing the dock, refused to relocate it. When the black stevedore attempted to untie their pontoon, one of the boaters charged at him, sparking a physical confrontation. The situation escalated as more white individuals joined in to assault the dock worker.

In response, other black bystanders at the scene stepped in to defend the stevedore, leading to a violent clash between the two groups, necessitating police intervention.

On August 7, the Montgomery Police Department announced that they had issued arrest warrants in connection with the Riverfront brawl after videos of the incident gained national attention.

A fundraiser aimed at aiding the black victims of the altercation was established by John Lamb on the same day, and it has already amassed over $2000 towards its $12,000 target. The GoFundMe description explained that the funds would be allocated to cover bail fees, medical expenses, and therapy costs for those who intervened in the altercation.

Blk Victims of the Montgomery River Fund. Bail!Blk Victims of the Montgomery River Fund. Bail! (image via gofundme)

Another fundraising initiative emerged for a black man implicated in the Montgomery brawl. On August 7, Angelica McKnight launched a second GoFundMe campaign. She revealed that her father was among those arrested following the brawl. In viral videos of the altercation, a black man was seen wielding a chair against a white man. Angelica identified this individual as her father and conveyed his remorse for his actions, explaining that he was caught up in the heat of the moment. She refrained from disclosing his name to protect his well-being and that of her family.

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The fundraising goal was set at $25,000, with over $10,025 collected thus far. Angelica McKnight also provided her Cash App ID, suggesting that donors could contribute through the app to expedite reaching the fundraising goal.

A good man arrested and family need help!A good man arrested and family need help! (image via gofundme)

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed issued a statement in response to the Riverfront Park incident. He expressed his disappointment in the incident and the swift police action taken against the individuals responsible. He emphasized that violence should never be tolerated and reaffirmed the city’s commitment to holding those responsible accountable through the justice system. Mayor Reed urged the community to stand united against violence and reassured the city’s determination to overcome such challenges together.

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