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Fred Tokars Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituaries, Sons, Movies

Fred Tokars Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, Sons, Movies – An Atlanta lawyer who planned to kill his wife in 1992 in front of their two young sons, has died in custody. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 67-year-old Fred Tokars died a natural death while serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison.

Fred Tokars Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituaries, Sons, MoviesFred Tokars Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituaries, Sons, Movies

Who is Fred Tokar’s wife?

Sara Tokars is the wife of Fred Tokars, who was brutally murdered by her husband. Sara Tokars was kidnapped and murdered over Thanksgiving weekend in 1992. She and her two young sons had just arrived at their home in Cobb County after driving from Florida to visit her family.

The death in prison of the lawyer who arranged the 1992 murder of his wife in front of their two young sons

Authorities allege that Tokars hired an assassin to assassinate his wife during the Thanksgiving holiday in 1992. Sara Tokars and her children Ricky and Mike, then 6 and 4 years old, were assassinated. Curtis Rower kidnapped. In front of those people, Rower shot Sara Tokars in the head.

For murder, Curtis Rower was detained. He identified Fred Tokars as the person who recruited him when he pleaded guilty.

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Prosecutors said at Tokars’ trial that she discovered he was using his law firm to launder money for drug dealers, so she hired Rowars to kill Sara. According to authorities, her husband killed her because she threatened to report him.

In 1994, Tokars was convicted of racketeering and sentenced to life in prison. He was sentenced to life in prison for a second time after being found guilty of Sara’s murder in 1997. Though he did become an informant for the prison and testified against other inmates in an attempt to get relief. sentence, but he was not eligible for release.

According to Tokars’ attorney, Jerry Froelich, Tokars suffered from a neurological illness that completely devastated his body. Froelich told the newspaper that the man had not been able to walk for ten years and that he had a fever for a few days before his death.


The sons are affected by the crime in the long run. After opening fire, the shooter ran away. After taking Mike’s hand, Ricky ran to a nearby house and informed the people that his mother had been shot and killed by a villain. While Mike was a journalist who battled melancholy for years before his death last month, Ricky grew up to be an EMT.

Sara Tokars’ family members insist that they are not saddened by his passing.

Constitution Magazine was informed by Sarah’s sister, Joni Ambrusko, that “he should have died in the electric chair 28 years ago.” “The pain and suffering he caused our family and those boys has been and continues to be immeasurable.”

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Fred Tokars Net Worth

net value 200,000 dollars
Wage Don’t know

Fred Tokars Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituaries, Sons, Movies

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