Fiscal Federico Delgado Wikipedia, Esposa, Familia, eDad, Federal, Biografia

Fiscal Federico Delgado Wikipedia, Esposa, Familia, eDad, Federal, Biografia

Fiscal Federico Delgado Wikipedia, Esposa, Familia, eDad, Federal, Biografia – Federico Delgado’s black T-shirt and trousers stood out in a world where suits and ties are the norm. the bicycle he rode to Comodoro Py early in the morning. Delgado, a wayward son of federal criminal justice and a longtime resident of the Retiro courts, continued to travel to the prosecutor’s office on the fifth floor until July, where everyone nicknamed him “Fede,” even though his illness was inexorably progressing. According to one of his close friends, the lawyer and political scientist passed away at the age of 54, flanked by his children.

Fiscal Federico Delgado Wikipedia, Esposa, Familia, eDad, Federal, BiografiaFiscal Federico Delgado Wikipedia, Esposa, Familia, eDad, Federal, Biografia

Federico Delgado, a prosecutor who saw cracks in the justice system and dreamed of a more democratic one, passed away at the age of 54. A report on Argentina

Delgado found humor in his provocative persona as a prosecutor who refused to drive an official vehicle and wear official clothing. He also sported an Atlanta bracelet, claimed to have been “finger-picked” for the position, and cited political thinkers in his writings. Or the prosecutor who had asked that one of the latest taboos—the excursion of judges and prosecutors to Lago Escondido—be probed at the beginning of the year.

He began attending the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Law School in 1990 as a result of a predilection for social sciences. Before he received his diploma in 1993, a classmate advised him that the easiest way to get rid of the abstraction covered in class was to present himself before the court as deserving. Later, same colleague called him to let him know that a position had become available in a regular criminal court. He entered the Courts in this way. Despite his reputation as a renegade in Comodoro Py, he ended up being the one to maintain German Molds’ signature when he was on vacation.

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He was caught in the center of the 2001 crisis. with Eduardo Freiler, a colleague They were the ones who looked into Domingo Cavallo’s mega-swap and the senate bribes that led to Carlos “Chacho” lvarez leaving the Alianza government. Delgado once said that some of the lines on his face had developed back then, while the others were caused by the sun.

Delgado filed a criminal complaint in that terrible December in recent political history after witnessing how the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) attacked the Mothers at Plaza de Mayo.

In the midst of the crisis, he made the decision while walking the streets that he required new information to comprehend the nation that appeared to be disintegrating. He studied at UBA and was amazed by Jorge Lulo’s philosophy and methods seminars as well as Rubén Dri’s theory.

He had a particular perspective on Trotskyist movements like the Partido Obrero (PO) and the New Movement for Socialism (MAS) when he was a student. He characterized himself as “a peripheral.” He claimed, “He wasn’t a full-fledged militant.” Federal judge Daniel Rafecas fired him on his Instagram, writing: “With Fede we fought many battles together, the mega-cause of the First Corps, the bribes in the Senate, the bags of (José) López. Those of us who knew him affectionately will not forget his wide smile, his lucidity for legal or political analysis, and his frankness.”

Delgado joined Rafecas in the largest mega-case for crimes against humanity, the First Army Corps, investigation. He supported other inquiries as well. In order to further the investigation into the so-called Perriaux Group, which provided ideological support to the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, he used to refer to as the “Perriaux Group,” a reference to Jaime Perriaux, the Minister of Justice of the dictatorship of the Argentine Revolution.

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As a prosecutor, he supported inquiries into sexual offenses committed in secret locations or the involvement of businesses like Mercedes Benz or Ford. He wished to look into Monsignor Emilio Grasselli, but Judge Julián Ercolini never gave him the go-ahead. He referred back to the Page 12 investigation on the spy who infiltrated the Madres de Plaza de Mayo and obtained evidence that ultimately aided the ESMA mega-cause. In the instance of the organized scheme to steal newborns, he served as the prosecutor as well. The Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers honored him for his dedication to the Memory, Truth, and Justice process. They stated on Twitter, “I hope that his example lives on in the new generations within the courts.”

He discussed the teaching value of the trials against humanity for generations who did not witness the tragedy of the concentration camps in an interview he gave to open remembrance. “What I take from these trials is that they have left cracks that allow us to think of a much more democratic judicial system. “, stated. This is in addition to the normative elements that they have in terms of defining what is good and what is bad.

His firing was announced on Twitter by President Alberto Fernández, who expressed gratitude for his integrity and described him as one of “those prosecutors that the country needs so much.” There won’t be any official farewells for Delgado. Tuesday afternoon, the prosecutor had a coffee in the Varela-Varelita pub.

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