Finesse2tymes Girlfriend: Erica Banks Relationship Timeline

Finesse2tymes breaks the internet by uploading pictures of his three girlfriends at this time, which is a fantastic feat. Who exactly are the Finesse2tymes Girlfriends?

Ricky Hampton, also known by his stage moniker Finesse2tymes and originating from Memphis, Tennessee, is now signed to Atlantic Records. He is well-known for his “thunderous voice” and songs with uplifting messages. His major label debut mixtape, 90 Days, was available on December 2, 2022. When he displayed all three companions together on the internet, the internet users were stunned. Since this act, people have been curious about who Finesse2tymes’ companions are; continue scrolling to learn more.

Finesse2tymes Girlfriends: Rapper Storms the Internet, Displays Three Girlfriends

When Finesse2Tymes posted photos of his three girlfriends on social media, he attained a situation that some men would consider ideal. The three curvaceous women were featured on the third slide of an Instagram carousel that Finesse2Tymes posted on Monday, May 15th. In the first photograph, Finesse poses alone while wearing beige and gray apparel and holding a white plastic cup.


Then he reveals his group of curvy companions, all three of whom pose contentedly for photographs with their shared boyfriend. As he concluded his message, the 31-year-old provided his followers with advice on conquering “the art of timing.” His shared screenshot begins with the phrase, “Never seem to be in a hurry.”

“Being hurried over time demonstrates a lack of self-control. Always project forbearance, as if you are certain that everything will turn out well.” Learn to recognize the trends that will propel you to prominence by becoming a detective at the appropriate moment. Learn to seize opportunities when they present themselves rather than waiting until they are entirely ripe.

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In the comments section of the Instagram post, some admirers lauded the Memphis musician for his dexterity, while others criticized him. One fan remarked, “At least he’s always with his sisters,” while another remarked, “Bro just got a big ass bed.” Someone criticized him in a letter stating, “This generation fucked up.”

Relationship Timeline of Finesse2tymes and Erica Banks

The dating allegations between Finesse2Tymes and Erica Banks began in August of 2022. Pictures of Finesse and Moneybagg Yo kissing appeared on Instagram a few days after they signed a record contract together. Their rapid connection on social media stunned social media users, but their rumored breakup surprised many even more.

However, within a couple of months, an image of the Memphis artist began to circulate online. He observed in the background as a shirtless woman photographed herself in the mirror. She typed the renowned line from the rapper’s song “Back End” as the caption: “If it ain’t [mob ties], then it’s f*ck ya.” Even though Erica and Finesse have not yet spoken about the famous photo, social media users immediately noticed that they no longer upload photographs of each other to their respective sites.


In March 2023, Erica also discussed her relationship with Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes, claiming that the intimacy they shared was not what she had envisioned. However, after his unsuccessful relationship with Erica Banks, Finesse2tymes claimed to be in relationships with three different women, which appears to be true based on his social media postings. A few weeks ago on Lip Service, he admitted to Angela Yee, “I need more than one woman. “I basically threw it at them. I am aware that one or two of them get along.” The southern celebrity proceeded to describe his condition. “In this manner, it is.” Although numerous social media users have voiced disapproval, Finesse continues to be himself.

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