Felicia Mendez death: 11-years-old girl passes away after suicide

In a heart-wrenching incident, 11-year-old Felicia Mendez, known as Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez, lost her life under tragic circumstances that have since raised concerns about bullying in schools. The young sixth-grader was found in a school bathroom at F.W. Holbein School on February 6th, where she had unwittingly taken her own life. Despite efforts to save her, Felicia passed away two days later in a local hospital.

Official reports have indicated that Felicia’s death was ruled as a result of complications associated with suicide. Surveillance footage revealed that she was alone in the bathroom at the time of the incident, and prosecutors have found no evidence of foul play.

However, the devastating loss of Felicia has brought to light the issue of bullying. Her mother, Elaina LoAlbo, has disclosed that her daughter was a victim of bullying and has requested access to surveillance videos in an effort to determine the cause of her death. Elaina has also revealed that Felicia had reached out to the school administration via email, expressing her concerns about the bullying she was experiencing. She criticized the teachers and administrators for not taking action to address the situation.

This tragic event is compounded by the recent passing of Felicia’s father, New Jersey Detective Alexis Melendez, on January 26th due to pancreatic cancer. Just days before her own demise, Felicia had to bury her beloved father.

An investigation into Felicia’s death by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, which included a thorough examination of the school’s surveillance footage, concluded that she was indeed alone in the bathroom when the incident occurred. The investigation found no indication of foul play.

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