‘Exact Same’: A Useful Idiom

It’s easy to assume that using the phrase “identical” is superfluous. After all, if two things are supposed to be the same, then they are the same in every way and therefore they are correct. However, redundancy is only part of the problem with “exactly the same.” (Please, listen to us.)

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It’s hard to know what to wear.

For one thing, Exactly seems to be modifying the adjective samein case Exactly then will be an adverb (like very in “I have the same sweater”). Considering that the phrase “identical” is a truncated form of “identical”, where Exactly acts as an adverb, that makes sense. But here’s the bottom line: unlike Exactly, Exactly not an adverb. Thus, the use of Exactly purely idiomatic—meaning that it doesn’t conform to the usual rules of syntax.

Can also understand both Exactly And same as adjectives modify a noun. For example, two words of a phrase are often transposed—for example, you may encounter “the same thing”. Such interchangeability strongly suggests that both words function as adjectives. In addition, other adjectives are sometimes accompanied by . same in similar works, such as “identical.”

My mother passed away in March 2016. As I continued to grieve, I found myself encountering small memories of her everywhere. It was one of those times when I discovered a cute duck-shaped Christmas ornament that brought tears to my eyes. That’s my mother’s nickname: “Duck.” I have this idea. I will be giving the ornament to my niece who is also missing her grandmother. We set a lunch date to exchange presents, and she insisted that I open the presents first. As I opened the gift, I paused… My niece thought I didn’t like her present, but in tears and laughter, I said, “Open hers.” We both sat there, with the same identical duck, each in our hands. — Denise Pratt, Toronto StarDecember 12, 2017

If both were adjectives, they could certainly be called redundant, but is redundancy that bad? The notebook will tell you that, yes; However, sometimes, it can be useful. Words that have essentially the same meaning are often used together for emphasis, and in some cases their occurrences are so common that they are considered superfluous and considered… well, harmless at least. For example, take the following words: “future plans”, “together”, “completely besieged”, “closer”, “past history”, “re-reference”, “points” to/final result”. Common and generally accepted constructions, right?

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“Exactly the same” tells the reader or listener what you mean same in its most literal sense and does not mean that the two things are simply very similar but are exactly the same. Finally, will Exactly in “exact same” is a redundant adjective or an idiomatic adverb of secondary importance. The main question is whether this phrase is used by educated speakers and writers, and the answer to that question is yes. In fact, “identical” is extremely common in informal speech and writing, and its use in the right contexts cannot be called inappropriate. Here are some examples:

The sugars found naturally in fruit are processed by your body in exactly the same way as the white sugar you put in your morning coffee. The difference is the “road delivery system”, if you will. For example, the sugars in apples are covered by plant cell walls, says David Ludwig, MD, Ph.D., director of the New Balance Foundation’s Center for Obesity Prevention at Boston Children’s Hospital. — Consumer NewspaperNovember 2017

In all the businesses we participate in are identical. If you love your employees and let them know you’re giving back, not just hoarding all the money for yourself, then they’ll want to get involved. — John Paul DeJoria, ForbesSeptember 28, 2017

The very treatment that could potentially stop breast cancer also has a dark side—it can promote the spread of the disease to the lungs. — America todayOctober 1, 2017

Of course, feel free to complain if it still bothers you, but we’ll have the exact same answer.

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