Dyani Eaton A.K.A “DJ Phoenix” died of suicide, resident of Missouri and Kansas; Obituary details

KANSAS CITY, MO – The sudden passing of DJ Phoenix, known offstage as Dyani Eaton, has sent shockwaves through the heart of the Kansas City, Missouri, community. Friends and family members have shared heartfelt obituaries online to remember the vibrant DJ, who left us earlier this week.

Dyani Eaton’s alter ego, DJ Phoenix, was a beloved figure among music enthusiasts and the local DJing scene. Her untimely departure has left a profound void in the hearts of those who cherished her beats.

While details about Dyani’s professional journey are scarce, her love for music undoubtedly began years ago. Her passion for creating and sharing music quickly became evident, leaving an enduring mark on her audience. Known for her genre-blending skills and the electrifying atmosphere she created, DJ Phoenix was a sought-after talent for various events and venues.

Beyond her musical prowess, Dyani was recognized for her kindness and support of aspiring artists. Her legacy transcends the turntables, as her vibrant spirit and dedication have left an indelible impression on all who crossed her path.

Dyani Eaton was not just a DJ; she was a cherished member of the Kansas City community. Friends and family fondly recall her as a warm-hearted individual who brightened every room she entered.

In addition to her music career, Dyani Eaton was a loving wife and mother. She leaves behind a devoted partner or husband and a beautiful daughter named Melody, along with countless loved ones.

In an obituary posted by a friend or family member, the heart-wrenching message read,

“I’ve struggled with putting these words together after what seems like a never ending night of heartbreak so I’m going to keep this brief. Last night, I was contacted by law enforcement to inform me that Dyani DjPhoenix Eaton passed away around 12 am this morning.

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I ask that you not message with questions and condolences, me and my family’s lives have been sent into a whirlwind of devastation. Many of you know Dyani and I had our troubles but no matter what I loved her from the core of my very being. This is going to take time to process.

My focus and my priorities are on the girls and how we will all be able to heal and move forward from this. This is going to be the hardest conversation I have ever had to have telling her beautiful Melody, that mommy is gone to heaven. Thank you for respecting our time and space to grieve right now. If you know her like I do ? I’m still waiting for her to show up and say “Just Kidding” I love you Dummy !! To the moon 🌙”

Dyani DjPhoenix Eaton was depressed last week as she stated on facebook:“I want everyone who secretly hates me to get together and figure out wtf you gonna do about it cause Sending vague messages from burner apps is some spineless chicken shit behavior and shows just how scared you really are of the repercussions if I knew who you were. It ain’t it. Your misery and jealousy is showing. Might wanna put that away 😘”

The official cause of Dyani Eaton’s death has not been disclosed to the public, leaving a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the circumstances of her passing. Speculation and unverified rumors suggesting the possibility of suicide have circulated, but it is vital to emphasize that no official confirmation has been provided.

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During these challenging times, responsible journalism and sensitivity are of paramount importance. Unverified information can inflict additional pain on grieving families and tarnish the memory of the departed. Until authorities or her family issue an official statement regarding her passing, it is crucial to approach the situation with caution and respect for Dyani’s memory.

DJ Phoenix, Dyani Eaton, will be remembered not only for her remarkable musical contributions to the local DJing community but also for her positive impact on all those she touched. Her legacy will endure through her music, her influence on aspiring DJs, and the cherished memories shared by her friends and loved ones.

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