Douglas Fregin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Young, Wife, Blackberry, Birthday

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Douglas Fregin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Young, Wife, Blackberry, Birthday

Douglas Fregin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Young, Wife, Blackberry, Birthday – The “BlackBerry” filmmakers from Canada weren’t particularly interested in verifying all the facts when they started making a feature series. about the beloved smartphone dramatic ups and downs.

Douglas Fregin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Young, Wife, Blackberry, BirthdayDouglas Fregin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Young, Wife, Blackberry, Birthday

Don’t expect a biopic

Despite the fact that their film is named after Waterloo, Ontario, whose innovation forever revolutionized the way we communicate, the director and co-writer insist they were intrigued by the story of three men. he turned a small idea into a greater success than the utility itself.

In contrast to other key tech companies that have dominated the debate in recent years, BlackBerry’s history has not been captured in documentaries or mini-TV series, according to the director and co-writer. play Matt Johnson.

He and his colleagues had a “whiteboard” to create their own versions of former co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie because there wasn’t a single famous story to draw from.

Johnson said on a video call from Germany, where “BlackBerry” premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival last month to acclaim, “We had to go there first to say who they really are without need to carry a bunch of luggage. “

“BlackBerry” is essentially a satire that explores topics like the difficulty of relentless expansion, how prosperity can blind us, and the peculiarities of public office culture. turmeric.

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The filmmakers of “Blackberry” discuss how to balance fact and fiction.

Also, it uses some historical specifics sloppily. In the past, Johnson’s popular surreal television series “Nirvanna the Band the Show” and his fantasy “Operation Avalanche,” about CIA agents infiltrating NASA, both benefited. from his extraordinary sense of humour.

Although the 2015 book “Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry,” by Globe and Mail reporters Sean Silcoff and Jacquie McNish, serves as a loose framework for the sentence. story in “BlackBerry,” however, he still uses a similar eccentric style.

According to Johnson, some sentences were taken verbatim from the novel. Other concepts emerge from his discussions with former workers as well as from their personal diaries and shared photo diaries.

The series begins in the mid-1990s, more than ten years after the founding of producer BlackBerry Research In Motion, and just as the idea of ​​RIM’s smartphone was beginning to take shape.

The book ends in 2007, shortly after Apple’s iPhone was released, when Balsillie became entangled in numerous side projects, including many futile attempts to get a National Hockey League team.

The film omits numerous bugs in the early 2010s, including the PlayBook tablet malfunction, the organization’s power struggles during its operation, and the introduction of the BlackBerry 10 phone, which was supposedly is to bring business back to its golden age.

Before they started filming, neither Johnson nor his scripting partner Matthew Miller had special knowledge of the smartphone’s past or its most prominent characters.

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Johnson, 37, stated, “I’ve never owned a BlackBerry,” adding that they were mostly unfamiliar with the RIM executives who appear in the film. We didn’t learn about cinematic arcs until we realized how similar their lives are to ours.

Co-founder and CEO at Movie Center

According to Johnson, Lazaridis, Balsillie and RIM co-founder Doug Fregin, the three CEOs at the heart of the film, are a combination of truth, conjecture, and pure fantasy.

Tall Jay Baruchel portrays Lazaridis, the co-founder of RIM, as a mechanical and precision genius who lacks the social grace and business savvy needed to succeed on his own. He is described as an egotist who is often torn between Fregin, his co-founder and friend, and his extensive knowledge.

As staunch businessman Jim Balsillie, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor Glenn Howerton skates into the film as a talkative hockey coach. His performance heavily refers to the real-life executive’s reputation for not taking prisoners.

When approaching the end of a conversation, Howerton’s Balsillie is quick to anger, verbally aggressive, and has no regrets about breaking a few landlines. The filmmakers commented that part of his personality was influenced by articles about Balsillie, such as an article in Maclean’s magazine detailing his unsuccessful hockey efforts. he.

“We really have to appreciate those sports writers because they’re the ones who paved the way for that character to find life,” Johnson commented.

Miller, 42, continued, “Compared to my perception of the guy before we started making this movie compared to how he’s portrayed in the movie, that’s pretty much an understatement.”

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Fregin, the most mysterious of the three in real life, completed the trilogy. Director Johnson, who created a composite character from the narratives of former RIM employees, plays the role in the film.

Fregin in this scene wears an outfit from the video game “Doom”, a red bandanna in the style of a kung fu hero, and says lines from “The Breakfast Club”. He arranges regular movie nights to relax at BlackBerry’s headquarters, which is decorated with posters for Hollywood blockbusters such as “Serpico” and “Point Break”.

Johnson understands that hardcore BlackBerry historians may not be involved with pop-culture allusions, but he claims that such petty elements reveal the inspiration behind each person’s passion. figure.

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