DeShawn Longmire Was Arrested And Charged For Ronald Mouton Sr.’s Murder

DeShawn Longmire, a 23-year-old Uber driver, was accused on Friday of the June 24 murder of Ronald Mouton Sr., a prominent pastor at Houston’s East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. According to People News, the homicide was the result of a road rage incident. Ronald Mouton Sr. and DeShawn Longmire were allegedly fighting in their automobiles while stopped at a stoplight. Longmire was accused by authorities of shooting at Mouton before driving away. The 58-year-old preacher was pronounced dead at the scene. On Friday, Houston officials apprehended DeShawn Longmire and formally charged him with murder. He is now being held in police custody at the Harris County Jail.

Ronald Mouton Sr. was Killed

DeShawn Longmire was driving for Uber in a black Honda car when he got into an altercation with Ronald Mouton Sr. at a stoplight, according to the arrest report. In contrast, Mouton was driving a white BMW. Neither individual had any passengers in his car. According to the police report, neither guy knew one other before to the encounter. Authorities think that after an altercation, DeShawn Longmire pulled out a revolver and shot Ronald Mouton Sr., who then wrecked his automobile.

Ronald Mouton Sr

“(Longmire) reached his arm out the driver’s window, holding a revolver.”

Longmore is then accused of departing the scene in his car. The suspect remained unidentified following the shooting until Friday. During the hunt, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee and Houston Crime Stoppers sent an official statement to the public indicating that the person who could identify the gunman in Mouton’s killing would be rewarded. Longmire was in the neighborhood during the shooting, making him the major suspect in the murder, according to the investigation.

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Lee, who knew Mouton, characterized him in her statement as a faithful pastor who had been with East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church for three decades.

DeShawn Longmire

She stated:

“(Ronald Mouton Sr.) was simply an innocent guy walking on a road near his Church, where he always worked.”

Mouton’s family expressed their grief over his loss in reaction to the tragedy.

They wrote in an official statement:

“We are still in mourning over this needless tragedy. We want the individual who murdered him to grasp the gravity of his act. He murdered a husband and father.”

UPDATE: Suspect Deshawn Longmire, 23, is arrested and charged in the murder of Ronald Mouton.

More information here:

— Houston Police (@houstonpolice) July 31, 2022

It went on:

“Our faith and optimism are in the competent work of the police. We also hope that the whole criminal justice system’s task is completed completely and that justice is served.”

According to People News, DeShawn Longmire has yet to enter a plea. He is now being held at the Harris County Jail on a $500000 bail.

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