Home Depot Girl goes viral on Twitter and Tiktok amid sharing photos & video

A Home Depot girl, Ariana Josephine, gained viral attention on TikTok and Twitter for sharing photos of herself in her work uniform doing her usual 9-5 job. . The prevailing news surrounding Home Depot Girl and the alleged backlash she received from other women is being analyzed by HOLR.

User @freekdagemini posted a TikTok video discussing Home Depot Girl’s viral popularity. It is reported that she is currently facing criticism on Twitter from adult movie stars due to her online recognition. Initially, she received praise for being a hard-working woman and not participating in online activities, as evidenced by her captioning: “The only work I do that reminds me that I too pretty to work.”


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However, other women on social media are now voicing their displeasure, saying her job at Home Depot is not something to flaunt and that they don’t understand the hype surrounding it. It. Despite this backlash, she received a direct message from Shaquille O’Neal, reassuring her not to worry about the haters.

Yo my faucet needs oil. HD U @ Which?

– Indy1 (@dblak) June 10, 2023

This situation raises the question of why women do not support each other in this context.

Home Depot Girl on TikTok has been identified as Ariana Josephine. She gained attention on Twitter for being considered “too beautiful”. Ariana has been praised for her faith, fashion sense and her studies at the University of Houston. She works at Home Depot for what she considers “the right money,” as mentioned in one of her tweets.

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On Twitter, many users discussed Ariana’s beauty and praised her for not pursuing a modeling career but instead focusing on her studies and finding alternative ways to improve her finances. me. However, she also faced criticism from some netizens for indirectly comparing herself to models and adult entertainment workers, arguing that not all money is “good money”.

I know Shawty is a good woman… she may be a single fan but she’s got a real job and it’s an honest life https://t.co/Dt69FletNv

– Ivan (@Hovshelper) June 9, 2023

Ariana’s posts have sparked a debate among social media users about the expectations and standards society imposes on women deemed “pretty”.

Ariana Josephine’s personal tweet caused a stir on Twitter. Some users praise and support her for striving to succeed without relying on looks, while others are not satisfied with her vague statements.

This is crazy. Scary men are stalking that Home Depot girl..find her address and personal info and now other men are jokingly commenting on it and telling her to call the police instead of twitter. They went from complimenting her to blaming her…

— waffle-beaten stallion (@alesiavsworld) June 12, 2023

Her first post addressed comments she received about being too pretty to work at Home Depot. Many netizens support her decision to go to work instead of pursuing modeling or other industries. However, Ariana’s subsequent tweets seem to provoke a negative reaction, especially when she makes comments about adult entertainment. Many women expressed disagreement with her stance.

Ariana’s viral status is likely due to the backlash she received to her comments, which were misinterpreted by some users. Her response to the criticism has made her famous on TikTok as Home Depot Girl, and many creators have created videos that address the issue of women tearing each other up in the comments section.

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TikTok users are interacting with these videos to highlight gender disparities and promote the ideal concept of “women supporting women”.

It’s not uncommon for women, such as Home Depot Girl, to receive both praise and criticism for being deemed “too pretty” to go to work. Another example is Regina Jay, also known as Jiggly TikTok Girl, who gained attention for her fashion advice and faith-centered content.

Regina Jay’s nickname “Jiggly” stems from a comment about her backside being too prominent in her videos and she responded by embracing it. Similar to Home Depot Girl, Regina was praised for her engagement with her faith and her choice to pursue a “real career” instead of modeling. However, Regina chose not to create a Twitter account to avoid unnecessary hate in the long run.

Following Home Depot Girl’s viral post, her story caught the attention of famous NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal. Inspired by her experience, Shaquille decided to visit a local Home Depot and generously purchased a variety of items for random individuals.

Shaq went to Home Depot and bought this family a washer and dryer pic.twitter.com/m86MSnWQu8

– NBACentral (@TheNBACentral) June 14, 2023

Complex, a reputable source, reports that amid the criticism she has faced on social media, the young woman received a direct message from NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. In the message, he offered words of encouragement amid the chaos on social media.

Shaq DM’d girl Home Depot pic.twitter.com/jqda28GZIu

– Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) June 11, 2023

In her message, Shaquille advised Cossie not to let negative comments affect her mental health, stating: “Don’t read the comments; Things like that will drive you crazy.” Adding a bit of humor, he concluded, “Have a nice day, and tell all your boyfriends that I said hi lol.”

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In response, Cossie expressed her gratitude with a cheerful reply, “HAHA, I’ll thank you!!” and respond to well wishes by saying, “You too!”

Ariana Josephine’s case seems to follow a similar pattern, with some supporting her choices while others opposing them. Her viral status is mainly due to her beauty.

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