Damone Roberts Wikipedia, Brow Gel, Eyebrows, Photos, Husband, Salon

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Damone Roberts Wikipedia, Eyebrow Gel, Eyebrow, Photo, Husband, Salon

Damone Roberts Wikipedia, Eyebrow Gel, Eyebrow, Photo, Husband, Beauty Salon – Damone Roberts, brand executive, entrepreneur and beauty therapist, offers guidance, motivation, etc.

Damone Roberts Wikipedia, Eyebrow Gel, Eyebrow, Photo, Husband, SalonDamone Roberts Wikipedia, Eyebrow Gel, Eyebrow, Photo, Husband, Salon

Contrary to many makeup artists in Los Angeles, Damone Roberts tries to stand out by emphasizing her eyebrows. When eyebrows are well-groomed, he explains, “I find that even without makeup, a person’s face changes completely.” Roberts developed his skills in creating the ideal arch using his art degree from Rutgers University and his expertise in working behind the MAC counter.

He then opened Damone Roberts Beverly Hills in 2002. “I didn’t know what journey I was starting. He explained that no one cared about eyebrows when I first opened them. People advised Roberts at the time that he made the mistake of starting a salon specializing in eyebrows. However, he continued despite the doubts: “Before I knew it, Oprah, Robert Downey Jr., Madonna and Rihanna were on the phone!”

find inspiration

“The beauty around me never ceases to inspire me. God is my favorite artist, so I can practically stop when I’m out with my dog ​​to photograph flowers, trees, and sunsets. I also admire the sparkle of rock royalty like Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury as well as actresses like Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross. That’s not to say I don’t admire the talent of today, like my clients Rihanna and Solange—and I love some Harry Styles and Adam Lambert!”

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Price line

Our pricing is always determined by the time of service and the zip code in which the service will be performed. You have to set a price based on your experience and credentials, but you can’t overpay in a market where consumers don’t pay a lot for services.

Memorable moment

“I clearly remember having fun taking part in the Trivial Pursuit question. It involved me and Madonna, one of my clients and my childhood hero. I was asked a question on the game show “Jeopardy” and I was shocked when a man from the outback answered correctly. Even OPI made nail polish in my honor. The ‘OMG’ moment, no matter how great those compliments, prevailed.

Best advice

It is crucial that you establish yourself as the leader in your industry in today’s oversaturated market. As you launch your product, regularly promote it using your social media, customers, friends, and other channels to highlight what makes it unique compared to others. with competitors. While you can partner with a PR firm, nothing beats the power of traditional word of mouth.

the secret of success

“I don’t know of a successful person who doesn’t keep falling on his face, but the really successful people are the ones who keep getting up. The Japanese adage “Fall seven times, get up eight times” is believed to be true. Persistence is the key to success.

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