“D.P.” Season 2 Is Set To Premiere On Netflix: Release Date & Cast

D.P. season 2, the much-anticipated second season of the famous K-drama, is due to premiere exclusively on Netflix on Friday, July 28, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. ET. Kim Bo-tong’s D.P Dog’s Days, a popular webtoon from 2015, inspired the military drama series. Bo-tong also co-wrote the series’ script with Han Jun-hee, who also serves as the show’s director.

D.P. has garnered a lot of excellent reviews from both reviewers and spectators since the first season’s premiere in August 2021, because of its remarkable depiction of the harsh realities of military duty in South Korea. The plot is set in South Korea in 2014 and revolves around Han Ho-yeol and Ahn Joon-ho, two soldiers in the Deserter Pursuit team. Since Netflix released the official teaser for season 2 of D.P., fans of the K-drama have been excitedly anticipating what the new season would offer.

D.P. Season 2

What can we anticipate from Netflix’s D.P.’s second installment?

Season 2 of the Netflix K-drama will include six episodes, identical to the previous season, and will be published on Friday, July 28, 2023. The primary military pair—Corporal Han Ho-yeol and Private Ahn Joon-ho—will be seen returning to duty in the future season to seek down additional defectors. However, due to a series of unforeseen occurrences, the tables will be turned this time, and one of the hunters will now become the hunted.

Netflix’s official short description for D.P. season 2 is as follows:

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“Everything will always be the same…The deserters flee, and the D.P. follows…Whatever occurred or occurs…Nothing ever changes…Unless and until we do something, anything.”

The official description and trailer offer viewers intriguing glimpses and hints about what is to come in the new season of the K-drama, and by the looks of it, the audience can expect an intensely woven gripping ride into the challenging world of South Korea’s Deserter Pursuit unit. After the shocking events of the first season, the two main protagonists will be radically transformed in the next season. Furthermore, the events of the following season will be fueled by a fresh tragedy that will shatter the whole unit, leaving the troops in complete shock. This season will also include a complicated inquiry.

D.P. Season 2

Aside from that, the team will continue its search for freshly claimed defectors, which will take them to some incredible scenarios and locations, including a musical theater. As a result, viewers are in for an exciting trip.

Who is on the cast list for the next season of K-drama?

  • Ji Jin-hee as Gu Ja-woon
  • Koo Kyo-hwan as Corporal Han Ho-yeol
  • Cho Hyun-chul as Jo Suk-bong and several others
  • Jung Hae-in as Private Ahn Joon-ho
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Sergeant First Class Park Beom-gu
  • Son Suk-ku as Captain Im Ji-sup
  • Kim Ji-hyun as Lieutenant Colonel Seo-eun

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