Cynthia Lucero Wiki: “Beyond The Neon” Star Age, Boyfriend & Net Worth

Cynthia Lucero is a famous American actress and producer who is a rising star in Hollywood. Lucero has appeared in numerous films, including The Disaster Artist (2017), Raw Dogs (2017), X-Men Revolution (2018) and LA Familia (2018). Beyond The Neon, a deadly social experiment by a YouTuber and his team of films exploring human trafficking in Las Vegas, will be published on October 1. Read the full article below to find out more. know more about Cynthia Lucero, Your trusted destination for unfiltered and authenticated celebrity biographies and wikis

Cynthia Lucero From Beyond The Neon: Who is she?

Cynthia Lucero is a rising American actress and producer born in Los Angeles, California. She pursued her passion for performing through theater since elementary school and holds American citizenship. Cynthia rose to prominence in films such as The Disaster Artist, Raw Dogs, X-Men Revolution and LA Familia. According to’s feed, her future films include Love at First Spit, Nix, Beyond the Neon, Nix, and An LA Christmas Story. Lucero, like his father, has produced the horror-thriller “Nix” and enjoys reading, research, and photography. According to her Instagram, she seems to be someone who loves to travel the world. The performer seems to keep her personal life out of her work life and may not want to be the center of conversation, so we don’t know much about her life.

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Age of Cynthia Lucero: How old is she?

We can infer she is in her 20s-30s based on her picture because we don’t know her date of birth. Because the public was unfamiliar with Lucero, some news outlets avoided covering her. Although she has acted in several films and is a famous producer, many people are unaware of her existence. Cynthia may have started her acting career in 2017 as there is no information about her previous films.

On the other hand, Beyond The Neon has brought her more fans and popularity. She seems to have kept her figure as an actress because she looks fit and healthy.

Cynthia Lucero

Cynthia Lucero’s Boyfriend and Wiki

Cynthia Lucero has no documentation on Wikipedia, and the Wiki doesn’t mention anything about her either. This also means that many people still do not know the American actress even though she has participated in and produced films. The actress has been interested in performing since elementary school and may have considered acting after entering the industry.

In addition to Beyond The Neon, she will star in future series such as Love at First Sight, Nix and An LA Christmas Story, with Nix being the thriller-thriller she produced. She hasn’t said anything about her dating status. Lucero has chosen not to reveal any personal details regarding her personal life. It seems like she doesn’t want to mix her personal and professional life, and there could be several explanations for this.

According to her Instagram account, she appears to be single at the moment. But we won’t know for sure until she shares it with the world. However, we will keep you updated on her relationship and family, which she has not acknowledged since releasing them to the public.

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Cynthia Lucero

Cynthia Lucero’s net worth

No, Cynthia Lucero’s net worth has been covered by sources, so we don’t have any exact information about her earnings. If we assume her earnings, they should be over $1 million. Her earnings as an actress and producer in the US make up the majority of her earnings.

She has appeared in several films as an actress and producer, so her net worth is likely to increase every year. Although she has disclosed information about herself and her net worth, any information that exceeds her net worth is hypothetical and may not be true. So we will keep her informed, as will you.

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