Cody Nelson of Priest Lake, Idaho, Bradford Contractors worker, dies in accident: Obituary

Cody Nelson, an employee of Bradford Contractors, tragically passed away in a construction-related accident on September 13, 2023. The incident occurred at a road construction site in the 9300 block of Sheridan Road in Pleasant Prairie. Cody’s sudden and unexpected death has left his family and friends in shock and mourning.

Nicole Madero pour grief by saying,

“Two Angels sent to heaven in the past two weeks. 💔 I just am so stunned. Cody Nelson from meeting you and having you be my first ever beer pong partner, to watching you become a dad, I can truly say I am proud of the man you turned out to be. Such devastating news to receive. My heart and prayers are so heavy for your loved ones and friends. Rest easy my friend and say hi to Trevor D for me 🤍”

Cody was remembered as an amazing person who had the ability to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. His warm personality and big smile would light up any room he entered. His caring nature extended to his marriage and family, where he was known for his wit and ability to brighten even the most challenging situations. Cody was a loving and devoted husband who went out of his way to make his wife feel special, whether through surprises, acts of kindness, or heartfelt messages. He was a wonderful role model for his children, balancing love and discipline to provide them with a sense of security and responsibility.

Lauren DeGregorio shared a facebook post stating,

“You were truly one of a kind. You had a way of making every single person you came in contact with feel special. You lit up any room you walked in and kept smiles on SO many faces. You were truly one of the good ones – Such a sweetheart! 😢 RIP Cody Nelson – This one hurts SO many to the core. My heart goes out to your family 💔 and to the many who were blessed to know you. Say hey to all of our people up there, buddy. #lovetoloveyou”

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Jenn Valenziano also paid tribute to Cody Nelson:

“Cody Nelson you were such an amazing guy, you always put a smile on everyone’s face. You brighten up the room wherever you went! I will miss your big hugs and huge smile every time I seen you! You will be missed more than you could even imagine. Prayers for Allie Nelson Robbie Nelson, friends and family. There are no words and I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. 💔”

Cody was deeply invested in his children’s growth and development, actively supporting their interests, helping with schoolwork, attending sports games, and spending quality time with them. He was not only a parent but also a mentor and friend to his children, imparting valuable life lessons through storytelling. His ability to convey morals and values through stories was a unique parenting strength.

The tragic accident that led to Cody’s passing occurred at the construction site, and authorities from the Pleasant Prairie Police and Fire & Rescue departments responded swiftly. Despite their efforts, Cody sustained serious injuries that proved fatal. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigators were called in to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the incident.

Cody Nelson’s unexpected loss has left a void in the lives of those who knew and loved him. His memory will be cherished by his family and friends as they mourn the passing of this remarkable individual.

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