Coco Fausone- All About Reno Wilson’s Wife

Coco Fausone is a yoga instructor best known as the famous wife of Reno Wilson. Wilson is best known for his roles on The Cosby Show as Howard, Officer Carl McMillan in Mike & Molly, Stan Hill in Good Girls, Wes in The Chronicle, and Detective Tom Selway in Blind Justice.

Coco Fausone is a native of Los Angeles.

Coco Fausone was born on March 29. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years in Siver Lake, LA, California, dancing and choreographing. Patsi Simon’s daughter later worked as a dance coach, choreographer and dance instructor for children. Gamynne Guillotte, Fausone’s younger sister, is an architect temporarily enrolled at the Southern California Institute of Architects.

Coco admits that she has a penchant for an active lifestyle over a career. She enjoys running marathons, surfing, and skiing because they help her sharpen her physical and mental abilities.

Ms. Wilson also conducts swimming classes. She loves to shoot hard beats and R&B tracks in the DJ booth. She also speaks fluent Spanish.

Coco Fausone's husband

Coco works for Warner Bros

Since 1997, this Los Angeles-born girl has worked in the dance and fitness industries as a cheerleader for the Santa Barbara City College cheer squad, as a dance instructor for Hamilton High School, a practice yoga choreography for the CBS show Mike and Molly, and track personal goals. . Coco even introduced her husband, Wilson, to spinning, and when she started teaching, he joined her in classes.

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Warner Bro’s group of entertainment companies has assigned the bilingual fitness trainer her first big project. Fausone was hired by the media giant for a month in 2011 to assist with a yoga scene on her husband’s Mike and Molly show. After that, she became a trainer and designer of sportswear for YAS Fitness Center for the next six years (2011-2017).

In January 2015, LA Eastsider launched its own business, providing home yoga services to people. For about two years, the mother-of-two did just that. She joined Babe Wilson Entertainment as CFO a year earlier, in 2014. Coco has held the position ever since.

Coco Fausone's husband

Coco Fausone owns a yoga and cycling studio

Fausone opened The Cycling Pigeon, a cycling and yoga studio, at 4505 Eagle Rock Blvd. in Los Angeles, California, in 2017. Originally, the fitness center was located in Cyprex Park.

It includes yoga live streaming. Kali, Jennifer Fuentes, Alejandra Guzman and Armando Uribe are among four faculty members working at studios offering morning and evening services, in addition to Fausone. Coco’s classes cover everything from breath-centered warm-ups to Iyengar-style asanas and core strengthening exercises. R&B fans are also interested in revitalizing the body and mind all around.

Coco Fausone and Reno Wilson have two children

In June 1998, Coco Fausone married actor Reno Wilson. The bride wears a white sleeveless dress, while the groom wears a black vest. They have two children together.

Her son, Renzo, started middle school in August 2021 and her daughter, Deni (born 2001), is a former high school volleyball player who was named the female athlete of the year. years while playing for Notre Dame High School.

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Family of four lives in Los Angeles, California. Wilson and Fausone have been together since 1996. Coco’s husband revealed on Instagram that they had their first date on January 28, 1996.

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